Free Answers To Your Magick Questions? 😃 (Closed For Now)

My success with evoking spirits range from clear speech and energy, to garbled mess, to no reaction(bare in mind, all from the goetia). Is your ability to work with a spirit limited by their personality or compatibility?

[I don’t know if I’ve asked this before. Everything gives me deja vk resently]


Possibly, this is where a clear and detailed magickal journal of some kind (DON’T groan! :stuck_out_tongue: ) comes in.

if you observe that you get fantastic results from X spirit/method, but lousy crappy shit and loss when you try D method/spirit, you can actually, depressing as it may seem in this era of “oh yeah it’s just tools, we create meaning as we choose, all is tra-la-la” - you need to figure out your actual Strengths and Weaknesses.

Try getting a birth chart done, I think tarot dot com used to offer a basic automated one to show you the position of your planets at birth, then hit a reliable search engine and search up what that shows, you may find that useful.

i know it’s Work :astonished: and not a neat answer but it;s the kind of shit that, pre-BALG forum, a lot of us had to do on our lonesome!

Also, try a bit of insight - how did you FEEL about these - did the failsfeel different in any way from the wins?

Was there a day of the week (asotrology shit yet again sometimes) or ANY other factor you can hone in on, and start to control?


Ah crap. I have my birth chart but didn’t do anything with it because I didn’t feel like learning ascendant, houses, trines,and all the other stuff. Perfection has no shortcuts I guess.

Oh! Actually, you reminded me of something. If they’re related to east and south or fire and air it’s 100% success rate. Facing north, or summoning things related to wealth, sex, relationships, a trial, divination,or law often ends in failure. Belials the exception, cause when I asked him for a sign he either increased the gravity and gave me couch-lock.


He’s the rule-breaker.

Bear that in mind. :wink:

Also, that there is a Belial-within each of us and that we are all each, infinite, and godself, etc.


is there a way to make objects actually float with spells or transform

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Okay you are trying to hack the material world (think, lead) with the spiritual (think, gold, and liquid mercury) as spiritual metaphors.

the first issue is, it is the power that is godlike within you that can override the rules of the physical universe.

And this is within you, therefore, subject to insecurities about why YOU (who scratches arse and has bad breath in the morning) want this, precisely what you have to prove, etc.

That handled, the 2nd rule is, do you intend, even deep in your heart of hearys, to do this to prove, disprove, impress, or display, anything at all?

(EXTERNAL to “you” I edit to add.)

Because observer effect IS real in magick, so, if you wanted to use this to make anyone your bitch, you have THIER interna; shit to contend with.

So I hope I have “raised awareness” (lol!) on that shit.


I do not have the spell to give you, but levitation can be and has been done.

Maybe not with “spells” but, define “spells” anyway., if you see what i mean.

You’d have to basically be on a higher state that gravity and your own body/observation, and yet, able to command both.

Yes, see above -the observed state would need to be of lkess importance than the willed state, whilst retaining ability to command Source-as-small-self within.

I am still on the coalface with this, I wrote this though which may be useful:

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just asking cause i always wondered if magic ould grant us powers like for instance transforming shape shifting id like to be able to shift outside of the astro plain even though i still have yet to separate from my body once in that state i was dragged out of a dream last time by who i think was azazel

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would have been great if i could all this through PM, but well i will just start here.
okay i am relatively new to magic.
i met someone who is helping me with my situation while teaching me and i have always felt that i have to do something myself also for it to work, we can’t just simply ask others to do our work.
so i did a petition some days ago and then i tried to do an evocation. (not sure if it worked or not) but i am believing it did, at least the entity heard me.
so the question is how one can know if the request is being worked on?
how one can make sure it manifests?
how much is too much?

At the moment it seems like transformation on the astral planes is infinite, you can grow a ten fooot thorned phallus from every pore (I, for one, like to do this every Tuesday :stuck_out_tongue: ) or be stripped of flesh (shamanic dismemberment - to be a bit more serious) or whatever.

I am not curently aware of a method that grants this kind of abiliity to reshape your physical form with the same ease you can in the spiritual plabnes.

That may be my loss, but, I have observed a lot of bullshit and hype attached to shapeshifting and literally zero physical evidence - which, since physical claims are made, seems like a reaonsable reuqirement? :thinking:

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i would love to PM you, if you are okay with that.

Throw in the request that the spirit sends a signal to you that you can recognise to show they are on the case, before tomorrow’s sunset.

Why sunset?

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i did request that, but what i got was the green flames, when i burnt but then my mundane side(which is still so strong, started reasoning was it just science?) still i argued myself and tried to believe that NO! IT WAS A SIGN!

So, be proactive - does green correspond in any way to what you asked? Green, or Copper? Venus, etc?

Was it a sign - imagine you asked me in the school canteen to help you, I say nothing but slip you a fortune cookie saying “Scholars are aided by eager minds.”

Usless if you asked for help with your ailing goldfish, more useful if you wanted to pass an exam.

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ive tried a were wolf spell only thing that changed was the sharpness of my teeth and strong head aches during full moons thats it so in reality no real proof that for sure works all the way so i was thinking if i incorporate a entity that has the ability to help with those kind of spells

@Lady_Eva can i pm you? if you don’t mind.

I have to be honest i think wanting to turn into an animal is a bit nutty, and I love animals, so I may not be able to relate enough here.

Basically anyone can run over any critter and no harm done, kill them, take them to the vet and get their body mutilated… :man_shrugging:

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Okay! :+1:

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yeah it does sound crazy at first until you think about the ablities you havethe physical strength speed and hightened senses and an incressed size to protect the ones you love by scary the crap out of ppl i love animals to but you know as a single parent its just me my familly has to protect them honestly the thought of doing that and changing as crazy as is sounds is more then enought to make me want to try

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“We were about to ravish his nan, but luckily for her, her fam turned into a panther, so we legged it lol!”

It MAY be best just to get a really fucking big dog, and train him or her?

My opinion is, do it for the cray-cray, but not to be like there in case of criminals and shit.

I don’t see that ending well. JMO though! :smiley:

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lmao i have a husky puppy ppl just abandon her so yea shewill be huge eventually lmao

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