Format- Ebook or Book?

If i could ever find a pysical copy for a resonable price!

We’ve had the idea come up on here before, to evoke the spirit of the grimoire itself then ask it to allow one to come into your life at a price you can afford.

I mean that’s probably a woo-wooo answer :o) but it’s got to be worth a try!

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i recently discovered a new form of learning, which includes - rewriting (translating) to my own langauge the grimoire i’m learning from

so the best combo for me is:

buy a high quality physical magick book

rewrite and translate it into my own magick book




Me, coming more from the esoteric and buddhistic ways,
i would say that a book radiates its “imprinted energy”
-the content and the intention of the author and everyone who holded that book since its creation.

Ebooks are a backup. ~As much as i love “certain websites”, i absolutly hate it to sit or kneel in front of a laptop or something -and tablets contain no use to me.

~If i want to learn something, i wanna carry it as my “bible” until i find somthing better or until i’m simply done with all the content.

I want a physical evidence, that those teachings are part of my life and me.
I want to be reminded to the teaching over and over again, even without facing it directly.
I don’t want to be dependet on some powersource for the laptop or tablet.
(also: the battery time is pretty limited)

~A kindle or something similar would be my primary backup for loosing a book (well a backup to my entire collection of books)

But even with a kindle, i would have an secondary backup ~data on some usb-stick(s)

And another, a tertiary backup in my cloud.


i think it should be in both. the physical leatherbound books are amazing and special perhaps even sacred to some. but many are just interested in the information. EA and his partners seem to want to spread this information as far as possible so the whole world can become gods. (an observation of someone who doesn’t know any of them personally. so it might be wrong) the best way to do that would be to put it all on the website for free and encourage people to share it freely and often. but of course he needs to make a profit and that’s his right. so the the best of both worlds is ebooks. cheap to produce (once it’s all written and licenced) easy to read and ship. and can be sold much cheaper while still giving BLAG the money to continue their work. personally i don’t have a lot of money so this is a priority. but still sell the leather bound tomes themselves for people that have enough money to spend on stuff with that grade of quality.

that’s my opinion anyway.

I tend to try to own both a physical copy and a digital certain books if able to. Reasoning behind this is I much rather read from a physical copy, but with a digital version I have an app that reads most ebook formats to me (mostly used while walking or while doing boring network configuration where there isn’t a whole lot of focus needed)

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Physical books. For some reason it’s easier for me to remember what I want to find when I read a physical book and then need to go back to find the information again. And also electronics have their own energy signature that my aura is sensitive to.

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Both have their merits.

I know from physical books that it’s much more difficult to amend and edit after a print run has been committed (obviously) - you end up with errata sheets and they get remaindered if the information is transient or versioned. Having contributed to several books myself in recent past lives, it almost becomes a hamster wheel, the whole process of getting the book idea together, chapters, authors herded and cooperating, timescales etc and if it has to go to physical print it gets expensive if you have a specific deadline.

Ebooks whilst useful, sometimes lack that physical presence and ability to skip and flip, bookmarking, annotation easily and the print option should you require it. Realistically and I really have no idea why they never implemented this, they should allow an on demand print option but to embed some kind of watermark across the page to indicate that this is a print from an e-book. If you are a valid user and it’s your personal copy, it shouldn’t bother you but if it then is redistributed it should immediately appear.

I’m sure that there are other options such as DRM keys and steganography but I’m too tired to discuss those.

You really need to consider how often the book will be updated and what your quality processes are in place in order to identify if both options are cost effective - I suppose something like an on-demand print service would work - kanban - just in time, so you don’t have remaindered stock levels.

I wonder why Velotak posted this and to my knowledge he’s never written a book :thinking:

Not like him to worry about EAs work. :face_with_monocle: