First time experience

For those of you with experience communicating with spirits, I mean actually gotten answers from spirits. Can you describe the first time it happened? Was it during an invocation? A dream? Were you scrying? Using a ouija board? A pendulum?
As a beginner, I would like to know what is possible and what I should aim for.

As a beginner, I used two methods, clairsentience and automatic writing.

Clairsentience means “knowing”, or Kenning, and it’s a bit like remembering you knew what the entity said, while at the same time knowing you didn’t hear anything with your ears. You just know, and you always knew.

I can’t remember the first time, I’ve cultivated it for a very long time. But when I was still learning I had loud clairaudience. Despite the noises were more like whispers, it felt like having a bag over my head, or my brain stuffed with cotton. I prefer to use other methods since it sometimes gives me a headache.

I use a variety of methods myself, and when I first started auto writing/drawing it was a pretty amazing experience seeing my hand write in different handwriting or feel the tug of something pull the pencil along.

My preferred method is spirit board, in tandem with clairaudience. It relieves my head, while I can skip over words I “hear” to form complete sentences.

I have a post for methods of communication here, if it’s helpful:


Before I started paying attention and using protection I used to hear all kinds of things from spirits. Especially late at night when I was super fucking tired (and reading). Sometimes I couldn’t read because I was hearing things so loudly, and they weren’t always sunshine and rainbows they got dark and scary too.

I later understood this was clairaudience. After it had stopped happening with such frequency because I started to be more careful about what was in my space and wasn’t sleeping as often in that place full of things.

When I called Dantalion though (evocation), the first time I had a pendulum. Seeing as you are a beginner, I would recommend taking a tool (pendulum, ouija (if you know how to use it), tarot, runes, etc.) into ritual with you. Otherwise, people often leave ritual not knowing what happened and then begin asking others to ask the spirit if they accepted which is a lot of work and unnecessary. Just take something with and make sure only the spirit you’ve called influences it.

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