Find Mohammed

I have been wondering for sometime if it was possible to find Mohammed in his/her current lifetime and or do an evocation of him? Who and where is he today?

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Sorry can’t.

Wow the synchronicity. I was just about to post this video and I saw your post when I logged in

Very interesting. The video won’t play though for me, I’m not sure if that makes it less interesting or more interesting. What is it about?

Go to YouTube and type in Bo ra choi


The go to the video where it says she says prophet Muhammad is in he

Have you found it

Well it’s a christian pastor alleging that they went to hell and a bunch of non-christian religious founders are in hell (the Buddha, Muhammad, etc). I’m not super fond of Islam, having come from an Islamic background but this seems like propoganda essentially (I.e. arguing all non-Christian relgious leaders are liers). Assuming this isn’t a outright lie (dishonest pastors/clergy exist), one could argue that our afterlife experiences tend to be what we expect to happen to us. I.e. a christian would arrive at a place in the astral realm that appears to be christian hell.

@TheSaga saved you the click


Muhammed in Lake of Fire?
Is this the video ur talking about?

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I watched it anyways, it was sort of worth the click.
I could sort of imagine Buddha and his followers getting consumed by the abyss as a way to escape both good and evil and thus suffering, but anyways in all seriousness anyone else have a means to contact Mohammed?


We had a topic about this before but sadly it got out of hand, I’ll re-post my reply there:

And constructive reply by @PrinceX:

Rest of the topic at Anyone evoke muhammad?

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