Financial Life Plan Advice Needed

Okay so I could use a hell of a lot of help, advice, anything really.

Anywho; debt sucks, got my shit stolen a couple nights ago and honestly been stuck for a very long time.

No idea what to do except that im willing to work hard.

What should I do, who should I work with, how should I do so?

Even if I dont have this TGS thing down

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Well all in all it boils down to one key factor:


What interests you? Who do you wish to work with?


Pick up and read Jason Miller’s book Financial Magick. Apply it.

Learn proper financial management. Magick can help but it is not a cure all.

Start here:


And may I suggest that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket? Maybe make a pact with a spirit for financial guidance, and to learn to be self-reliant, as well as to help you get things flowing. As a heathen, my gods don’t want me to depend on them for money, or anything really. That said, Miller’s book mentioned above is good. Planetary magick has rarely failed me. Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury are the best to start with for money, growth, business, and commerce. Then you have sigil magick. Then you have hoodoo candle spells. Then you have good old fashioned Hermeticism. You’ll need to change your paradigm. Read Think And Grow Rich for a complete guide in changing your mindset toward prosperity and success.
Cycle all these things in and out of your magickal routine and you will see a big difference. Income is a flow, which means it needs maintenance. One spell doesn’t do it. The magick gets it started and later, the magick keeps it going.


Take an atheist approach to life and see what pans out before bothering spirits … Personal experience advice.

First of all, lay some good fundation. I would say, Study Rich Dad Poor Dad Products. Also,Get a NoN Term Full Life insurance, and buy as big as you can wisely afford, it will be your bank and you will not be using Banks for Houses Cars, everything a Bank is normally look to for “Debt”. I would also say study them while in ritual contacting whatever “spirit assistance” you are getting guidence from.


You’re baaaaaaack!!!

Shhhh… don’t tell anyone

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-BELIAL!- definately the way to go - there are more,

Why Belial because he stands for ‘one without a master’ -
He’s one of the many that can help in some way, but he’s a sweet choice and he will definitely get you motivated. If you’re looking for a supernatural fix to help you align and be motivated - and help you get unblocked subconsciously from your limitation, he might be an excellent start.

Do you have the universal circle? if you don’t I can do a ritual for you - no worries.
even if you’re more righthand path, Belial is also fully willing to empower you in your awakening to the divine within yourself, which he does when asked, he frees your mind and helps you to be more in line with the real you - life is AMAZING and full of EPIC stuff when you ask Belial.
He feels very positive too, you’re not going to into any form of damnation either,
And will learn to believe more in yourself.

Speakng of which - Azazel is AMAZING too (all demi-urges are)
They thus all represent aspects of your own belief in yourself, and being in harmony with the
cosmic feminine, which is their goal. :slight_smile: you being able to stand, in this cosmos, to be in harmony with you and your own potential as a multidimensional being- and they serve the source as well- wise is thus to call them forth, from the source of all, which is what I am then going to do.
Belial is a great liberator. :wink: he’ll help you love yourself and love your life too… :slight_smile:
And so will Azazel… :slight_smile:

Remember, all these are aspects of you, they are not other types of entities other than archetypes of the God-mind you are always one with - in oneness and equality with all life.

Wise is also to work with the God-mind on all matters, it helps win time, efficienty and puts you in line with the real reason why you are here - to awaken to the God-Mind, so it’s a full win win.

P.S. When working with the source combined (haven’t tried it differently yet) - Demons help you to be more grounded, and thus can help you to be more receptive to the divine, the angels and so on…;


Hey Hermes I’m interested. COuld ya PM me if ya don’t mind? I don’t have the universal circle. And I appreciate your offer very much

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Hi sure, I’ll p.m. you :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about the universal circle on that one :slight_smile:
I can do it for you :slight_smile: