Feeling Sick during Evocations

I have noticed that when I do serious, ritualistic evocations that I develop a headache and somewhat heavy nausea. It comes on right away and worsens when I’m finished. I still am not able to perceive any obvious signs of a demons presence when I evoke or speak to them. I think perhaps it’ll take more practice. I’ve been meditating daily and working on letting down leftover guards, but I wondered if these physical symptoms I’m having are indicative of a demons presence? Sometimes it’s worse, like tonight. So could it be a presence that makes me feel sick or is it the act of evocation?

Each practitioner reacts differently to magick like evocation but obviously what you are describing isn’t a desired outcome that anyone would want to experience. If you aren’t doing any spiritual banishings before and after your working then you may seriously consider adding something like the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram to your evocations. Once you call up whichever spirit you have business with you want to make sure that entity goes unless it’s a spirit you have a formally pacted i.e. made a spirit pact.

It sounds like your energetic body is a bit unbalanced/muddled and it’s causing a negative reaction to the energies of the spirits you evoke.

I have a meditation that should not only help you with that, but improve your energetic senses if you practice it.

@Haplo had the same issue until he started doing this meditation.


Well the only two I’ve really put serious work into are Lucifer and Beelzebub. I see Lucifer as a teacher and I’ve told him I will follow him. I have asked Beelzebub for a pact twice and I really don’t know what he wants.

When I talk to Lucifer, I don’t really evoke him anymore. I just talk to him. I give offerings. When I was evoking him, I felt sick. When I evoke Beelzebub, I feel more sick. By sick, I mean the headache, which is more like pressure, and the nausea.

I’ve been working with my chakras, but that certainly doesn’t mean they’re balanced. I will try this, thankyou


Also if after doing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) and you still feeling nauseous then you want to repeat a second or third time. If necessary you could even fumigate with cleansing incense like sage, or frankincense. If you don’t have either previously named incense then you can make an emergency incense using ordinary powdered cinnamon and a few spritz of extra virgin olive oil cooking spray and form it into a cone. Use a fire proof container like an cleaned ash tray or you can use a ceramic saucer and simple lit it with a match. That customized cinnamon cone of about half an inch will burn for about 10 - 15 minutes. Then take whichever incense and hit the four corners of the area you did your evocation and most important pass that smoke over yourself. The incense smoke with raise the vibration of both the room and yourself and cleanse out any energies or entities that don’t belong.

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So the banishing spell is necessary for a demon like Beelzebub? I actually told him I’d prefer he stick around. That he’s always welcome because I wish to form a lasting bond with him.

Banishing would help to clear the energies, but it wouldn’t solve the root of the issue. Hence why I shared that meditation, which would solve it.

Ok i actually do have some sage incense I recently bought so I’ll go ahead and cleanse the room and tomorrow I will try your method with the chakras

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If you don’t have a formal pact with a spiritual entity then having that entity hang around is really playing Russian Roulette. A pact aligns you and the spirit so your energetically and the spirit can coexist in harmony. Imagine try to keep an ice cube in side an oven at 350? That ice cube gonna melt but place that ice cube within a freezer then it will maintain it’s form. Without a pact and having such a powerful spiritual entity hanging around would be like you as an ice cube being placed in an oven. Until a formal pact is made then you then it’s not a good idea having such entities hang around; especially with the symptoms you are describing.

How do I make a formal pact? I know I’ve been told to work on my astral senses and I do. I have for a long time actually. I’ve been practicing meditation and magick as a witch for a few years. Demons are newer for me but I felt Beelzebub reach out several times before and after evocations, in which like I said I feel sickly and a lot less lonely, but I don’t know how to formally enter a pact. I’ve expressed I want to. But now what

That’s where the formal evocation comes in. There are variations on making a pact. I simply bond the demon using it’s sigil and blood. FYI for ladies you got it easier than us guys y’all can use your monthly menses. Also you need to dictate the terms to the spiritual entity on it’s visitation privileges. Do you want that specific entity to only visit you when summoned, or certain times of days, or specific days of the week, or do you want to give that spirit free reign to come and goes as she or he or it pleases.

There are many guides on this forum if you use the search function.

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Lol yes i agree. I don’t like making myself bleed.

On another note, I did just cleanse the room and I’m a little freaked out because when I performed the banishing ritual, and went through my room with the sage, I heard a sharp hissing sound outside my window. The window is open btw. When I say hissing, I mean like the sound of wind rustling leaves, but much more sinister. Even my cat heard it and immediately stood and stared out the window. I don’t feel nauseous anymore.

I’m guessing what I banished went out the window and wasn’t happy about it? It didn’t sound happy. But I feel better. Idk what it was though. Would a demon like Beelzebub be upset about a banishing and protest like that or might it have been something else? Honestly, it had my heart racing.

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See that just proved what I stated about having entities hang around that’s not formally pacted isn’t a good idea especially if one is relatively new to the summoning arts. If that was Beelzebub then I wouldn’t stress it; because you are showing that entity if has to respect your boundaries. You want to have a mutual beneficial relationship as much as possible with that entity and not just be a meal for it to feed on. If that was Beelzebub and you call him/it again then hopefully he should have much more respect and consideration for you. Otherwise it’s aware you know how to put the smack down on him if necessary.

It makes me nervous that even happened. I don’t normally hear or see a whole lot of phenomena. I sense things sometimes more than anything but that was a very clear protesting exit and I wasn’t prepared. I’ll look into a formal pact with him, whether it was him or something else. I know practicing magick can attract other spirits too.

Nothing to be scared of as that comes with the territory. I hear raps and knocks in my residence and when it comes from specific areas I know which spirits are trying to get my attention but I digress. Getting back to your situation, I’m glad you was able to resolve it. Now you know those kind of nauseous feelings are not good signs so you know in the future if you feeling that way then it’s time to banish and if necessary sage to rebalanced the energies in your surroundings.

Yea, thanks for the input. I would have spent the night in that condition and just been confused. You would think someone who practices magick wouldn’t have overlooked something like that but I’ve never really had to do any banishing for some reason. I’ve cleansed rooms but nothing specific. So I guess I kind of forgot something as simple as that. I feel silly. I’m glad for the advice

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You’re very welcomed and hey we all still learning and improving.

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It seems that way. Also you may be Clairsentience i.e. have highly attuned psychic touch or be empathic or both. Either one or both abilities you gonna soak up a spiritual entity’s energy like a sponge in water and it most likely is overpowering you. You may want to review whatever summoning methodology you are using to ensue you are maximizing your spiritual protections before doing evocation work. Because based on what you are describing you are being overwhelmed and that shouldn’t be happening for an evocation. I’m not trying to scare nor alarm you because whatever is going on just needs fine tuning so you can much more harmonious workings that not physically taxing you.

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