Eye of Odin, A Sudden Realization and perhaps a message

Today I happen to revisit the book “Lessons of a Young Heathen” by Asbjorn Torvol, and I was reading the part that says about his experience with the ritual “The Eye of Odin” and what this experience offers. So I naturally was drawn by the symbol and started gazing deeply without realizing it. For some time now I was wondering why I had the same vision again and again from a while back, of a certain rune-sigil I saw in a sudden trance. It’s a very distinct shape. So what I saw back there is like this:

I know they are nothing like each other, but it got me curious. So I went back to my journals. I found out that at the time I had just started reading the runes an,d learning more about their nature by the day. At the same time I was working with Azazel meditation too but that’s another story. I am not yet sure if they are related or not, but I got a strong urge to meditate upon the runes and ask tonight about a dream or sign by Odin. For the longest of time, I wanted and still want to work with the AllFather but I have yet to fully do so. Maybe it’s time. The rune sigil I saw, of course, look like a half Odins Eye but maybe it’s different, what I am sure of now though is that I have to heed the call, and that is of the runes themselves.


Have you meditated upon these runes that you saw? Perhaps they were given to you to go deeper into them and find out what they hold or can teach.

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I wouldnt focus on Odin, but rather 100% exclusively the spirit of the rune without assigning cultural forms to it. Basically True shamanic learning of rune craft.

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Yeah I did, a bunch of stuff came up so I am tasting them out to confirm their validity. So far I am pleasantly surprised. I am waiting the week to end so I can have a solid report.

Yeah I understand, It just seemed similar to me and “rang” within me at the time. Ofc every day I revisit and learn much more. Its not tied to the Eye of Odin but Odin is related to that, as a latter divination revealed. Ofc I am still working on it. Thanks for the advice~


I practice Nordic shamanism and I’ve seen these exact things many times! I wasn’t sure if it was Odin but now I’m sure, this is his magic. I think he constructs these things to be his eyes, ears and mouth around the world. But I don’t know for sure, please tell me everything you know and have experienced, and look at the sketches I have made and tell me what you make of it.

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They certainly look of Nordic origin. There are similarities between your sketches and other bindrubes/staves. Now I havent practiced for the past year a lot with Norse magic so I cant offer you anything atm, but it seems to me that you are attuned to the Norse gods and spirits. I’d suggest to start pathworking with Oddin since he “speaks” to you.

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