Extreme dangerous multidimensional situation Pt. 2

So where were we? Oh yea, the Imp, as I gave him the excess energy, I lowered in spiritual strength, but rebalanced myself enough to gain a good connection to Source, after that event (i also did it cause I didnt want the spirit harassing me.) one day passes, and the next night, just as I am about to sleep…the Imp leaves, and a Dark demon with a mantel manifests infront of me with a deal, I could feel the energy of my chakras being pulled back not forward, I knew EXACTLY what he wanted, I told him no a couple times, but he wouldn’t leave, so all night prayer war ensued…

I go about my life the next day, bought some extra magickal weapons after what happenedand go about my day, the second night, just as I am about to sleep, a spirit in the shape of a blonde with a pink skirt starts grinding on my penis…damn I had never felt anythig like it, it wasshocking but pleasurable to me, then I started feeling my energy being pulled downward and not wanting it to take it, resisted, she left but the sexual pleasurable energy was still there, I couldnt resist, I shut my prayer candle off and began masturbating, when I was finished, a surge of my energy got sucked away, my body of light got pulled through the sigil in a hell dimension.

What came next were six months of battling demons back and forth, every time I masturbated and still do, some of my personal energy gets sucked by the entity(ies) me and her were linked through a chord through my root chakra.

Now I am here, broken, tired, suicidal, with my energy channels extremely damaged, worried for my multidimensional life, I cant even sleep without getting wierd dreams, I thought about contacting Lilith, SUCCUPEDIA you have any advice for me?


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