Exorcism Training Log

Deep breath in, deep breath out. Take a moment, collect yourself. The energy in the car is intense, result of invocation throughout the ride. My mind is going miles a minute, im nervous, excited, heart pounding. Another deep breath. Put on the mask. Friendly, relaxed, confident. What they see from you is almost as important as what you actually do.

I walk up to their apartment on the top floor, and knock. Im greeted by a young couple, my age, early 20’s and a happy little pitbull-mutt. They look a little tired, and both of them are nervous. Other than that, i cannot sense anything there yet. We go outside on their porch, and smoke a cigarette, something i often do with clients, whether they do or dont smoke. The psychological factor smoking eases tension, relaxes people(as well as me). The dog is alternating between super excited and hesitant to be around me. At this point, that information wasnt relevant. Nor was the fact that they got the dog a few months before the dude’s DMT trip, and problems.

I go over details, tell them to trust me. Right now, i have a plan to try and negotiate the spirit out.

So i walk with one around the apartment, in the dark. Other than some stagnant energy, i dont feel anything until i get to their bedroom. In their closet, i felt a presence. It was tight, compact, like it was trying to remain incognito.

I go back and gather everyone. We but the dog in its kennel, i draw a protective circle around it with my athame. Nothing in, nothing out.

I light a candle, and sit in their closet. I invite the spirit to speak, i grant it permission to communicate in a way i can understand, and i ask for its name. Three times i ask for the name. Elias. Might have been a fake name, but that doesnt matter. The spirit presented itself with the name, and thus is attached to it in some way.

I introduce myself, and offer the spirit a choice. “I can have my companion teach you to feed off of lunar energy, if you leave in peace. If you opt not to, we war.” I hear the couple simultaneously curse, saying it was heavy, even scooting back on their bed. The top right corner of the closet gets dark, seeming to pull shadows in. This is where the spirit is. I repeat my offer. Once more, twice more. Now im getting irritated. And then i hear a yes.(not physically, more emotions of resigned acceptance coming from the thing)

I get up, and tell the couple to follow me. We go into the living room, and i place them in a circle as well. I set my companions sigil on the table, and place small candles in an inverted pentagram, and recite the enn for my chosen companion, snapping thrice to open spiritual doors, above, here, and below, then making my voice resound through the astral. I chose a companion accomplished in alchemy, a demon. The couple shuffles and whispers as my companion fills the room with her energy. Heavy, exhuberant, hungry.

“[N], i have called you here to perform a specifoc task. The entity infesting this place, Elias, has agreed to our demands. He is to leave in peace, and in return, you are to show him how to use lunar energy to sustain himself. Teach him this. If he tries to harm any here before leaving, EAT HIM. If he has ill intent and plans to return later, EAT HIM. If he agrees to the terms, take him, teach him, let him go. I give you both license to depart upon your task.”
I snap my left hand three times, closing the communication, and open a window.

The couple sighs, and they both kind of sit/drop onto the couch. The dude shakes my hand, says he couldnt believe it, wouldnt believe it if he didnt feel the energies shift. I tell him we’re not done yet.

I start burning some sage, circling it counterclockwise and waft it throughout the house, repeating Koetting’s KoF banishing incantation, focussed entirely of changing the energy im the house to positive, and getting any remnants from the spirit out. When i start splashing the walls and corners with my ‘assault water’, things get weird again. I hear a scuffle, and see something out of the corner of my eye. I ignore it, chalking it up to the dog shuffling and continue. The woman jumps, and asked me if i “heard that hiss?”. I didnt answer, i kept repeating the incantation and when i got to the dining room where the dog’s kennel was, it went nuts.

Pawing, yipping, biting the cage. I looked in the pup’s eyes, it calms down. I give license to depart again. Right back to biting and crying. Repeat the process. Same effects.

The way she is doing it, really catches my attention. The way she stops when i look, and starts when i say leave is peculiar, it doesnt follow the normal “i wanna get out” behavior dogs usually show when you talk to them kenneled. The behavior from chill to aggravated when i said to leave was more than coincidental.

So i broke my circle around the kennel, and opened it up. HEAVY vibe, and silence. I sit down in front of it, and pick the pup up into my lap. Intuition nagged at me, so i started invoking Astrea for Purity, the purple flame of hers, and then transferring it to the dog. At first she(the dog) struggled, and had i not held her properly would have bit me. (For concerned readers, this wasnt hurtful for the dog. Ive had large dogs my entire life, and holding one still without hurting it or myself is well within my skillset). In that moment, for whatever reason, i was able to slip into tgs and see the energy enveloping the dog, and a faint black shadow dart off into the kitchen.

This was particularly odd for me, since i ‘fell’ into the tgs and saw the energy, which i generally have a lot of trouble doing without a lot of meditation and chill time. Even on my own, i dont usually actually SEE the stuff. So for this to happen mid-dog-wrangle was as much as a curveball to me as multiple entities or the fact that the dog had something attached.

When the dog was calm, wreathed in the purple flame, I restarted the banishing, and called the entities bound with me to aid my energywork this time, and if anything fights to ‘eat’ it. Successful home exorcism.

Notes and reflections on this investigation next post.



And i haven’t thought of doing exorcisms for people.


Lol, you got a follower for this thread with that, hehe.


Exorcism is hard stuff. I still can feel the pain.


I read the title as, “Exorcism training ** dog **” and almost shat myself.


They’re the latest craze certified by the ADA and everything.


For some reason I pictured you in a long trench coat that goes down to your ankles while you were wearing a dog mask that sorta looked like it came from the anime bleach. You were like 7’3’ in height.


So at that point, i was a little less experienced. Id had personal practice with spirits, alone and with a friend, and ensuing shenanigans at both of our homes, but this was in essence, the first case.

Now, the challenge laid out by Lucifer when planning this trip was this: Solve this problem the most efficient way.

For me, the most efficient way is a win-win scenario. You get something equal to you giving me what i want. Now, regardless of whether the parasite is a parasite out of choice or necessity, the offer of a continuous supply of energy is hard to pass up.

Fortunately for me, i have a few entities ive been cultivating personal relationships. Familiars. One being very good with alchemy, agreed to assist. She teaches the spirit, i give a small offering. The spirit refuses, she gets to ‘devour’ it… Win-win.

Just like when things go wild at your house, you must rely on your instincts. ESPECIALLY when youre new to it.

Looking back on it, I would have done divination prior to going, to get a better ‘lay of the land’, maybe gotten a headsup about the dog. I think i kept repeating myself with the entity in the closet because i was too in the moment to hear properly. Working on carrying the calm, neutral energy was definitely necessary, both then and now.

I was happy to get the job completed. I didnt have to seek too-too much outside help this time, but i was still a long way from doing everything on my own, without spiritual intervention.


Just popping in to say quality thread, I look forward to hearing more of your experiences. Exorcism isn’t talked about much here but it’s sure an invaluable tool in the arsenal. :+1:


Case #2. A hot fucking mess, whole way through. Not proud of this one, but it is necessary to highlight the errors.

Another person I had known since back in the day, and my friend and weed guy. I was there while he had a friend and they were trying to use a ouija board. His buddy passed out (normal drugged out im tired sleep) while waiting for a response, and my buddy, K, ended up starting to get responses on the board, so i took over directing, asking questions. The entity wasnt K’s deceased brother. I asked the following questions before closing things down
Q. Are you a human spirit?
A. No
Q. Are you Pazuzu?
A. No
Q. Do you work under Pazuzu?
A. Yes
Q. What is your element?
A. Earth
Q. Do you come with positive intention?
A. No

Closed communication, and used the KoF banishing incantation.

Now, i actually made a thread about this when stuff was going down. Looking back makes me cringe a little, but realizing mistakes made is as important as completing the job.

The thread is here, but I’ll reiterate it here with hindsight. Ill include any photos i can locate as well.

Now since then, he began having ‘problem haunting’ issues. Tvs on and off, overdose, a literal fire on his bed, nightmares.

So after a couple days of this stuff, i go over there. My friend had left shortly before i got there, but being familiar with his place i went up into his room to take advantage of the alone time. I get there, and sit down on the couch. I light a cig, and place it opposit of me, in the ashtray. I light my own, and call the spirits there to speak with me. They oblige.

I introduce myself, my name, titles, objective. The spirit introduces himself as well. Nasande, spirit of plague, working beneath Pazuzu. I ask why he has come and troubled this place. “Because they are opportune/ripe/vulnerable”. I ask what will get him to leave peacefully. “Offering for Pazuzu”.

This photo, is a few minutes after this short q&a.

Now, it is important as well to note all the stuff him and his druggy friends put on the walls. Multiple eyes, that ohm symbol, a leviathan cross, inverted pentagrams and a bunch of other stuff, those are just the things i noticed. No, they dont take the occult seriously, they just listen to Ghostemayne and SuicideBoys a lot.

But we see on the catpost, looks eerily similar to a face huh? We didnt see a face while we were sitting there. There were other photos, though those had orbs but i could not distinguish dust from spirit. But moving on.

When Nasande said “offering”, at the time, i held views that a ‘good’ offering would be a sacrifice of something. I also saw it as an opportunity to prevent further spiritual shenanigans occurring, to solve my friends drug problem, and to make sure he was ‘good’.

So we pulled out the ouija board again. I asked Nasande for assistance getting through to Pazuzu, and called, vibrating PAZUZU. All i had were candles, intent, and the ouija board. I called until i felt a temperature drop and heavy feeling. And then i middleman’d a deal.

K would offer his addiction to man-made recreational drugs, in return plague and harmful spirits would be kept away. I felt a yes, and our deal was struck. We offered his drug of choice, heroine. I hid it in the ouija board box without my friend seeing. I bid them to depart, both entities left in peace.

But my friend did not keep to his end of the bargain. I had explained explicitly the possible ramifications of not holding his side, we talked for hours before deciding to make the deal. He was certain in that moment, but his resolve was weak.

So fast forward a few days.

He says there is something worse there. More poltergeist activity than before. Accidents, literally shot himself in the foot. Worse dreams, messages to K. A female entity, digging claws into him. He said “she has a noose waiting for me”.

Doing a scan of K, i noticed a harpy-like bat thing in above him, nesting.

Now on the thread, a few members made very valid points, especially @Maulbeere. At this point i wasnt sure whether the deal was or wasnt accepted, or what specifically was at the house. In retrospect, it is clear now that they were just clever astral parasites.

So i get ready to go back and figure things out.


I go back to the house, and the energy is even more stagnant and deplorable. He had friends over smoking and doing whatever drug they felt like. Very irritating, as I’m coming over to work, not fuck around and smoke with your buddies. After enough chit chat to keep courteous, i got him to clear everyone out so we can start.

He was whacked out on ketamine, which i didnt really notice til later. After getting things quiet, i took a moment. I lit some sage and began.

"The entities kept quiet, trying to hide in the attic. So I hopped up in that shit, in the pitch black. Felt like things were trying to hit me, but continually missed. I recited the Ashtu Malku ta dat arkata chant, and hear my friend groaning in pain. Put my hand on his head and repeated the chant until he was chill. Went back in the attic, and repeated the chant but this time the other Self was in charge. The words came out a literal growl. Faintly in the background I hear a scream in the wind almost, “WHY DO I HAVE TO LEAVE?! I WONT”

It’s like I was on autopilot, idk wtf was up. I made a star of David, surrounded it with yhvh trtrgrmtn ehieh Adonai. Threw inverted Pentagram, my sigil (personal sigil?) And blood on a piece of paper. I grabbed a bullet, and placed it in the center. To… bind the thing into an object if need be? I had no idea what the stuff was for until it was drawn and consecrated.

I took some sage and the stuff I just made and hit the attic. Growing again, burning sage, I saw a form in the darkness reach out. I was madmadmad. I spat at it and it ran down to my friend. Repeated the banishing on my friend and his space because I know the entity was just trying to get its last licks in.

I put my hand on my friends head, and called to Astrea Elohim, invoked the energy and redirected it to him, bathing him in purple fire head to toe. He writhed, and whined, until he settled down. And then he cried."

(I quoted what i wrote on the other thread about this specific case, but didn’t know how to link properly with mobile.)


This case taught a lot.

In addition to granting access to my Higher Self for assistance, it got me to study past life regression and find out that ive done similar practices in prior lives.

It taught a lot about parasitic entities, how they operate. Before then, i didnt think they would be so crafty, taking advantage of my naivety. Lesson learned.

It was a pivotal point, learning how to harness rage and turn it into energy used for the banishings. In this exorcism, i was in tune with all facets of Self, and that is something i strive to achieve outside of conflict.

The entities tried one last attempt at getting in, hence my friend being in pain.

The sigil i drew during the banishing, ive found in retroapect, has energetic similarities to Daoist Fu Seals. The difference is that mine was intended to bind the spirit to an object, whereas the Fu that i know is made to seal a spirit inside of a box/object. If the Fu seal is broken, the spirit is free to go.

This investigation also got me to amp up my spiritual practice, and become better with communication so as to not be deceived again in the future.


Hello do you do scans online to remove entities? If so message me thank you

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Welcome @AAfaafsghfdf_adhdhds . Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.


This is incredible! Also, not a topic discussed in detail, especially from a modern practitioner. Your writing is very well constructed and you make many great points.

One particularly, these clients are helping you more than they know. I have often wonder about this myself.

Thank you for sharing your journey.

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I have opted to keep a couple cases in ‘storage’, for a book further down the road. But I do want to share this current case, as it progresses, as it will (most likely) have a couple operational changes moving forward.

As it stands:
I was referred this case by a tattoo artist, after she was doing a Fenrir piece on my leg. Near the end she mentioned ghost stuff and afterwards we talked for a little while. She had a friend, with some activity that had been going on. Multiple incidents of activity, and my artist had been involved in two. Nightmares/sleep paralysis, auditory manifestation for multiple people, one account of scratching someones back,(three scratches) in the shed. I get my artist’s friend’s number and reach out for more info.

I send her a text, and ask about what all was going on. She was just relieved to have someone willing to help. She confirmed the sleep paralysis, aggressive and occasionally sexual nightmares, visual manifestation of deep shadows, auditory manifestation of voices of friends nearby mimicked elsewhere. So I suggested we meet up and speak in person. There is always more than they tell you at first. Always details and things they forgot about initially that they’ll remember with a few careful questions.

So i meet her and her girlfriend. Both chill and easygoing, but i could tell they were anxious. I mean, what do you expect a self proclaimed exorcist to be like? So I break the ice by asking how she knew my artist. Mutual friends make initial conversation easy. After we got a little more comfortable, i told her a bit about me. When dealing with people, they’ll usually be a lot more receptive if you offer some background yourself. Youll get more if you give more. How i got into this, what i study, etc. Then i ask if they have any questions for me, and answer them. Usually, my initial intro answers most questions.

Then i switched the spotlight over to them.
Both grew up religious, her girlfriend was a little bit more hesitant to deal with both me and the situation. The woman, J, was a bit more open to satanic ideal, as she left christianity she overcorrected straight into satanism and the dark aesthetic. (Thats not a problem though, just relevant, nor did i ask about satanism specifically)

We went over the details we did last time, double checking and verifying old info. All the same. But at this point, I* was relaxed enough to start scanning a little. I looked into her eyes and did a quick scan, without breaking conversation naturally. I saw flashes. Castle. Hag. Cave. I honed in on her more. Her energy was faint, distant. Quiet, like it came from further away. Like a ‘sensitive’ not yet a practitioner. Potential. So i asked about early life, any dark nights of the soul, etc. Intuition had the reigns, we already established an honest rapport, she answered everything. Eventually, she told me about a time she ‘de-personalized’. Went blank. Came to, and had cut each finger on her left hand and drew a pentagram inverted on her closet wall. She showed me the scars on her fingertips. She also didnt know if it had anything to do with anything, but she had a shoulder tattoo with Baphomey inside an inverted pentagram. The most concrete visible manifestation was of a shadow figure, clad in red and black checkered clothing.

An entity came to mind, as we parted ways. Shax. I was reading on him earlier that week, so it could be coincidence. Or maybe not.

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After this point, I dropped the ball. Opened a sigil recklessly, then got into a bit of a tussle with something. One of my first extended fights (months now) with something’s influence. I attack, it retreats, comes back later. Worth its own thread. But it caused me to drop a lot of things, this case being one of them. Feelsbadman.jpg

So when I finally realize what all I’d forgotten, i get back to work. I send her a text apologizing and asking if she still needs assistance. She hit me with a yes instantly. Talking a little more, she admitted to being nervous about my approach. Wants a medium to check the place and see if I am necessary. I admit, i am curious as well, so i indulge her request. It just so happened, some people i helped, (the ‘Exorcism Training Dog’ case) had connections to two mediums. So i reached out.

One was a horoscope specialist, medium eyc. With a heavy price tag. $300 to read a home. Nope.

The other was admittedly ‘still learning to use the gifts’. She wants to do it for free, like me, so that she can practice her skills. An older (middleaged) woman, has her friend follow her readings with a camera. Instructed me not to give her any details about the case until after she has checked the home out. This is why i chose her.

So then we play the communication game of scheduling up a time we are all available. This weekend if everyone stays on the same page.

I also find that the couple from the Exorcism Training Dog case is in a new home, and having different issues. So now I’m back in the saddle with two cases at once I need to make time for.

I love doing this shit.ok

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Keep it up and a very interesting thread!

May I suggest a bit of reading for you? Written by a proper adept who knows what they’re doing…



Hi sir would you please inbox me you might could save a life :pray: