Eroding Relationships at Every Turn?

Hi everyone, recently like in the last couple of weeks I am noticing an erosion of the protections I have surrounding me.

Had a random mentally unhinged person try to attack me in a grocery store
Had a random mentally unhinged person try to attack me when I was walking down the street and had to scream for help, two people ran to my assistance
Had a workplace colleague who people are saying is a basket case scream at me to come out of a room when I had every right to use the room and had booked the room for usage
My relationship with my ‘uncle’ has declined due to him shaking me down for money, being ungrateful and trying to impose himself like a boss
I am also recovering from pneumonia
My workplace that I have been working at for 7 years has basically not asked me to do
anything in a peak period so I am watching that situation carefully
My 5 year relationship with my lawyer eroded this year due to her attempting to strong arm me for more legal fees even though neglected my legal matters tremendously to the point that people were telling me I had to get a new lawyer
My 3 year relationship with my doctor ended as well did some shady stuff with my insurance company
I am the new treasurer for a HOA and discovered fraud by the chairperson and that relationship is now eroded and I am going to give it up because you can’t trust people when they know you know they are a thief
I feel completely drained and depressed
Single for years now and lonely

It seems like in my life it’s a cycle of boons and busts often in quick succession and the moment I am tired, or overstretched protections get loose. I have to say that I haven’t been doing powerful rituals since I have been feeling unwell and that has been over the past 2 and a half months now.

I wonder if the gods and goddesses + the universe are giving me hints that to grow I need to shed these relationships. Honestly, the doctor I have now is better than the previous one and the lawyer I have now seems to be better than the previous one as well.

Does anyone have any recommendations in terms of entities, rituals or spells that could assist me? I have started buying the material to do the generational curse lifting spell posted here but mainly I am talking to the balg community like I would talk to an occult therapist. I am so drained, I feel that the same troublesome boss I initially wrote about here a few years ago who has the theological degree is behind this actually so I am going to muster up the strength to do some truly dark magick against her.

Comments, advice and suggestions are so welcome and of course I thank you now for all of them and I will still thank you again when u post them :slight_smile:

My advice would be to use a regular banishing, especially one like the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. The LBRP does far more than merely banishing an area of unwanted energies and entities; it cleanses and protects your entire being, in and out of ritual. There are entire books written about this ritual alone because it is so deep and extraordinary. To view it as simply a banishing ritual is to not understand it.


any book in particular you would recommend to get a deeper understanding of it?

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LBRP: the Genius Child of the Golden Dawn by Frater Abiyah provides a good bit of information collated from a variety of sources. There are a couple of things the author gets wrong but on the whole it proves some great in-depth information.

I’ve never actually done the lbrp. It’s on my to do list. Just in one of Damien Echols books he recommends doing the Kabbalistic cross for months first, so I was going by that. Is it ok to go straight into the lbrp?

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Yes. The Kabbalistic Cross is usually done together with the LBRP. I’ve never read of doing it separately before, so that’s new to me. If you look up most instructions for doing the LBRP, you’ll see that generally it will say to start the ritual with the Kabbalistic Cross and then, after drawing the pentagrams, you end with the Cross as well. It kind of acts like a warm up and a cool down, to borrow some excericse terminology.

I’m guessing Echols’ reasoning is to learn the proper mechanics of the Cross first before learning the pentagrams, but that strikes me as a bit unnecessary. The Cross is not difficult, and to spend months doing only that before the pentagrams seems just masturbatory.


Excellent, I shall give it a crack this weekend. I haven’t got to the cross yet as he also recommended doing the middle pillar daily for a few weeks before doing the cross. So I guess I can just proceed


The Middle Pillar is designed to establish the Tree of Life upon the subtle body and to act like a power up before ritual as it charges the energy centers. It can be practiced either before or after the LBRP, though when you are doing an actual evocation, it should be done at the point when you need to raise magical energy.

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You wouldn’t know it, but a year or so ago, I can remember when everything suddenly had gone chaotic to the point where I had to consult a professional I trusted for readings about potential attacks. I also hadn’t any real concrete leads to go on, but was getting desperate. Essentially, when I reached out, after a painful wait, I had learned and seen mentioned that the astrological weather, so to speak, was causing all sorts of mess for many people she had known as much as for herself. I’m not sure why you believe your old boss may be working against you, but it could easily be astrological turbulence of sorts which will and may likely already have passed on its own.

On the other hand, if not, or if it pops up again, then it really couldn’t hurt- at least in the long run- to undergo a serious uncrossing rite should you actually start to find yourself stuck in a rut.

Additionally, you could try stuff like magickally sweeping your home while praying (and having prayed beforehand), and then depositing all the collected waste in a brown paper bag with some relevant offerings and another prayer again directed to Hekate at the nearest crossroads. You could make and use a magickal good luck floor wash to fill the vacuum created by cleansing; working from the front door of the house to the back, when done with that step. Or when you’re done with using a cleansing floor wash, instead of having swept. You could pray to a familiar spirit to consecrate a spiritual bath to pour over yourself in washing away whatever negativity from your life such as one made from things like lime, parsley, florida water, and more. You can find these if you look a little and test your resourcefulness regarding vodou baths and adapting them to your non-Vodou practice as needed. Meanwhile, I think Jason Miller’s Psychic Self Defense book has some easy to reach for options to consider for baths and floor washes, for a quick start.

As a preventative measure, a daily practice of banishing would be useful to start on soon, if not yet, and an example is one such as this version of the LBRP, right here. Basic energy body cleansing would be beyond useful if performed daily along with this.

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