Entities for help finding a job?

What are the best entities to work with for finding a job? I just graduated from computer school and need help getting an entry level position. But with ni experience no obe wants to hire you. Is there any demons i can evoke? Or sigils i can open for help?

I think TWF made the suggestion elsewhere of resizing a sigal down to 1pixel and attaching it to your paperwork in a non-conspicuous location.

You might want to consider Paimon, he can manipulate the mind of the person that reads the resume.

Adding internships & private contract jobs you’ve done in the past couldn’t hurt either. I’m sure you’ve fixed your buddies computer and he slipped you a $20. You could call that job title ‘Contract IT Manager’ or some shit.

That’s a fucking good Suggestion… what about trying it with a self-made sigil?

man… really nice idea

[quote=“EpicGnome, post:3, topic:2462”]That’s a fucking good Suggestion… what about trying it with a self-made sigil?

man… really nice idea[/quote]thanks that is a good idea.

I stole that idea from Cat Yronwode she’s spoken about it on her podcast several times.

This is always an option, I had success with it.

Here’s a candle spell I used with success as well:

Take one large green pillar candle and carve your name (or person who’s benalf your working for) dress the candle with blessing and or court case oil (good for negotiations) and powders. Dress the candle with cinnamon to draw in money, basil for money and prosperity and some sage for cleansing and protection. Make a name paper or petition paper, write the name 7 times then turn it 1/4 turn clockwise and write over the names “find work”. Without lifting your pen or pencil from the paper encircle the names with the word “prosperity” until your back to where you started. “5 spot” petition papers with the oils and place them under the candle along with any business cards or anything with the name of he employer on it. I used the tops of receipts when it was a retail outlet. Sprinkle left over herbs from when you dressed the candle around the saucer. Light the candle and work it from the morning till noon unless this person has a job interview in which you’ll let it burn all day or until they return from the interview.

Shit TWF, you’rea a sorcerer by all means, props to you. [/cock sucking mode off]

Thank you man, thats a perfect one for DA busine$$… those screamer hoes are gonna make me rich

and with hoes I mean “Alarms and Integrated Security Systems” fuck yeah

The post about pixelized sigils is in the new majicians thread entitled “Document empowering” I think.