DreamWalking – Entering Another Person’s Dream

Is DreamWalking Possible?and how?

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Everything is possible. But, I’m not certain how one might “dreamwalk”.

There are plenty of books on the subject.

Try Psychic Dreamwalking by Michelle Belanger.


Look up “How To Enter Someone’s Dream” by Ryan Cropper on YouTube. 16 minute long video and the methods sound solid.

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[quote=“ramin, post:1, topic:9145”]Is DreamWalking Possible?and how?[/quote] you can use enochian to dreamwalk

[quote=“İgnisinfernio, post:5, topic:9145”][quote=“ramin, post:1, topic:9145”]Is DreamWalking Possible?and how?[/quote] you can use enochian to dreamwalk[/quote] how?

Yes, it’s certainly possible and a very useful tool. You’ll want to get a good feel for their aura and push your consciousness out, so as to astral project. Use their aura as a guide and simply enter their mind.
Obviously you’ll need them to be asleep, but you can do this to a waking person to become their thoughts


Yes, just stay focused on your target.

The best dream walker I know gets his abilities from his schizophrenia. Schizophrenics have a couple topics that once their attention lands there, it can’t be moved. That’s the kind of focus you need.

Had potential shared dream just last nigh. Here’s a copy past of my DJ entry.

Had a very unusual dream last night. Most dream characters tend to shy away from any mention of lucidity, but in this one, it seemed that everyone around me was lucid. Except for me of course. I was barely half lucid, and it took me a long time to become fully lucid. They behaved much like many people do during a lucid dream, with lots of sex, drinking, drugs, and other indulgent behavior.

It started with me at a bar, I got hammer, got laid, then left the girl’s place in a taxi. I was very drunk and exhausted, could barely keep my eyes open, and all I wanted to do was go home and go to bed. I became half lucid, recalling a similar dream, and couldn’t figure out if it had actually happened IRL, or if it was only a dream.

Somehow, my ride in the taxi became me riding in the back of a truck, and a bunch of people got in with me. I was trying to figure out who they were, when one of them said “Lets bring him with us.”

The rest of the ride, I kept seeing amazingly beautiful scenes against the full moon. Clearly the second rule of dream control, the more attention I gave it, the more related detail it created. Enough to let me know I was dreaming again, but being so drunk and tired, it didn’t stick.

We got to a house where a party was taking place. There was something on the TV that reminded me of the show The OA, and it briefly mentioned lucidity. “I’m a lucid dreamer!” I said, still half out of it and not fully lucid, which seemed to amuse the people there.

I spent most of my time stumbling around drunk, spilling drinks. Yet everyone else seemed to be taking full advantage of their lucidity. Mostly for sex. Some of the guys ordered a monster truck full of strippers just for fun.

One of the women took an interest in me and wanted me to be her sex partner. She seemed to be trying to coach me to change my appearance into something she liked. Still being so tired and drunk (someone spiked my drink with something too), her changes weren’t working out. She gave me long hair, but it was a constant mess in my eyes. I knew I had been keeping my head shaved, but I was just too tired to become fully lucid because of it. Anyways, I was so out of it, I couldn’t even get undressed without becoming tangled up in my own clothes.

I probably woke up a half a dozen times (don’t know if they were false awakening) and ended right back at that lucid party.

At some point, some of the seemingly lucid people mentioned “The Controllers”, who were responsible for this gathering of lucid dreamers. That’s when my ego saved me. Who thinks they’re better at dream control than ME? My drunken stupor lifted, and I demanded to know who the Controllers were. I got no answer, but someone picked out a few guys from the crowd, which included me. Some of the others seemed shocked I was chosen because I had been such a mess up to this point. He tasked us with a race to climb a wall, and I was eager to show off my sills. I scaled the wall and won easily. They may have been more lucid than I was, but they didn’t know jack shit about dream control.

No longer drunk but still pretty tired, I stood taller and wandered around. I slapped/grabbed some cute little bonde girl’s ass and she took me to a room. She seemed to be controlling how the room appeared. Unfortunately, my physical body had to pee pretty bad, and that was the only thing I could feel in my penis, so I couldn’t get it up. She wasn’t impressed and left.

Overall, it was a really odd dream. I’ve never encountered so many DCs with that level of awareness before.

Some people just can’t handle their astral liquor.


How can you stop a dream walker feel like im being stalked by one someone i used to know

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Wards. When you ward, put the intent of stopping intrusion into the ward, both physical and spiritual intrusion
Certain herbs being burnt may help

I agree that wards are going to help here, I posted a step-by-step tutorial on how I developed wards early in life in this thread, I used to do it before sleeping because sometimes I had weird things in dreams, I don’t know what other method/s you use but I can vouch for this one helping me. :slight_smile:


Could i have more details on wards

I think I’m having the same thing happen. I caught my ex astral traveling last night. Went to bed but had a very real like dream we were in my room having sex. :face_with_monocle:

I noticed the page where you talk about wards is gone.
If possible I would like to know more. Thanks

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Looks like the link broke when the forum moved, sorry, here’s the correct link: What's normal? (Creating Wards Walk-Through Tutorial)