Dog had few chances to live, situation solved

For all of you who got ailing pets, I wracked my brains trying to figure out how to help mine. Long story short is I got an old pug (11 years) who had a Mcnugget-sized bladder stone. Little chances to live, to survive the surgery even, but she pulled through. The main issue was that she was really obese and that, as all of her breed, getting her to sleep is the most difficult part. Mainly because how astoundingly fucked up pugs are on the inside but also because of her particular personality, she is so rowdy that will “attack” even larger dogs.

Anyways, I got Marbas on the side to help me on keeping her strong enough to undergo surgery, but also Sirchade (the “ch” is a “k”) to influence / explain my animal what lies ahead and how she ought to let go, relax, and see what happens.

You can find these spirits in the Goetia for Marbas and the Pope Honorius’ Grimoire for Sirchade, also in Konstantinos’s “Summoning Spirits”. I did the usual invocation procedure of either using their enn as I think of what I want, or chanting/whispering their name.

Sirchade has so far appeared to me as a variety of animals on each occasion, all of them distinguishable for their nigh-neon green eyes, or a green feature about them (such as a crocodile with a specially green head in contrast with the body). He has helped me on many situations involving animals:

  • A fallen chick from its nest, in bad condition, we manage to nurse it back to health or involve the bird parents with it, twice. Any time the birds seemed distressed I would gently ask of Sirchade to convey the idea that I wasn’t out to hurt them. It has cleared my garden of bothersome birds, and quelled bothersome habits, such as singing when a person needs rest, etc…

  • Calming down ailing pets.

  • Calming down a very aggressive pitbull dog whose owner couldn’t get it to stop harassing other dogs at the vet’s waiting room. Critter was frothing at the mouth, sitting down and cooling the next fifteen seconds I kindly asked of Sirchade to intervene.

  • My other dog has a walking problem that we will get fixed sooner or later, but until then, we have done a lot of rehab with litle result, mainly because it scares him too much. After consulting with Sirchade, the dog developed almost over night (actually over three nights) a quite decent way of walking entirely on its own. It’s still nowhere near to being like he used to, but he manages to climb down the staircase and (thankfully!) take a shit without falling on it.

He had very poor back leg strength, actually atrophied muscles, and ever since he can manage to squat and stay in place, whereas before he remained with an useless lower body. Now it will briskly walk out to the yard and bark us out of our minds. Before, it would just lay on its bed, crying.

  • Two stray animals, cat and dog respectively, were loose in our community. I was saddened by the fact that both were too wild for even the pound to catch, much less to adopt. End result is that the cat adopted a family of its own, just showed up at their place and wouldn’t budge, so the people there threw a collar around it and what not. The second case, that dog, would become aggressive at anyone approaching it, especially at night where it would feign attacks to drive people away from the garbage disposal area. The poor thing would rip bags looking for food.

Well, what do you know, I stay there outside calling for Sirchade and a drunk Russian waddles past, befriends the dog, takes it with him.

  • Has helped a friend suffering from bad health realize the source of her indisposition. She dreamt of an ex being the usual asshat, and the family of squirrels she had evicted from her attic (feeling bad in the process per her own words), returned that night to stay. We take it as a confirmation of Sirchade’s actions.

That is all for now.


That’s brilliant, is it okay to link your post in this thread, Unofficial Forum Tutorials Directory?

Kisses to the pug! :heart:


Much love Lady_Eva! I thought it was more appropriate here since my post really hasn’t any precise instructions, other than presuming the reader kinda knows how to work with spirits. I (cowardly) leave it to your call :smiley:


It’s an interesting success story though naming spirits I’ve not seen mentioned before, and I know many of us have pets, mine are also of the geriatric persuasion, so this may be the boost someone needs to work and help their furry buddies. :heart_eyes_cat:


I should add that Sirchade has given me all the right suggestions of being a spirit from the sphere of Venus: beautiful appearance here and there, demands of a perfect ritual even when not required really, the green features, especially the neon ones, and love for chocolate-scented incense.

The moment I saw that incense on sale I scoffed at it, but was under the impression of exactly which personally known spirits demanded it, and they were all confirmed Venusian entities.

So that and being kimd to critters is what Sirchade likes most, besides frequent summons and communication.

If you are a hunter or a butcher Sirchade won’t hold it against you provided you are respectful within measure. He loves all animals and that includes us, he is aware of the sad cycle we are part of and understands that we all feed on each other; no excuse for cruelty though.

That said, the friend I mention above was worried of the family of squirrels she evicted, and that is no problem. In truth she is defending her home from natural predators such as a pissy landlord and dropping property values. Mortgage and such might not be a thing in the woodlands but doesn’t mean it is not a natural killer of our kind. Either way Sirchade made them return, but I think it was mainly through listening her guilty conscience.