Does evocation have to be done in a dark room?

A small dog breed ???

Lol, I think the important question here is: who or what are you that makes the thing inside me turn into a scared Chihuahua.

And yes I am well aware that a simple banishing will not get rid of it.

And I’m aware of possible imposters, Micah’s Seal of Manifestation is known to help keep imposters away. I have a hand drawn copy of it that I made, fully charged and activated.

Okay, whatever.

I scanned you to help you and that’s what I got: a non-threatening but annoying little bitch and no trace of demons whatsoever.

Use the information or ignore it, is up to you. In case you want my opinion, you’re going to need some sort of cleaning, probably deeper than banishing once.

I’m a random guy on the internet. It has nothing to do with me.

Thank you for your help and I will see about looking into some cleaning. Any particular type you would recommend?

It’s not necessary to evoke in the dark

Evocation doesn’t have to be in total darkness, and I often evoke in ambient room light. However, for more complex workings, or for ones where physical/visible manifestation is the goal, I find several candles in total darkness works best - but again, this is only if you want to actually see the spirit you call.

What others have said about dealing with the beings that attack you is correct, and you need to deal with that ASAP. Simple banishings like the LBRP done a few times over a few days often does the trick.

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Then it isn’t Abaddon the Goetic.


Pretty sure none of those beings are what he thinks they are but, (except maybe the shadow creatures) But my experience is one, rarely believes that until after they figure it out on their own. (usually the hard way)

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