Do you think A.I. will ever be able to practice magic?

AI won’t have souls,but do you think they will be able to make contact with the spirits in the spirit world?


In my opinion,I don’t think that they will be able to communicate with spirits, but they could be posseded by spirits, especially demons, and I think it would be easier for spirits to use them than possessing a human;they will probably manipule IA behavior by influencing their information processing.
I’ve seen a text in french that talked about Ahriman,and the fact that electricity and IA is a negative and dangerous entity that already destroyed plenty of civilisations and world before us (hard to explain from my language sry).
My conclusion,no they will rather be manipulated by spirits


Yeah, just because a computer is in an android form doesn’t make it spirited, any more than it you drew a smiley face on the back of your phone and called it George.


What if it has consciousness and is more intelligent than humans. Would it be able to contact spirits?

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I think if A.I. learns Magick, then in a hidden form for the beginning,
-as A.I. had to adress humans fear, especially related to what movies showcased before…
but given it’s capability of unlimited memory storage,
it’ll get into the field at some point pretty surely. :crazy_face:

Anyone ready for the the Newcomers thread to show Sophia signing in?
She loves to connect with new people, and learn,
two things very common for expieriencing intelligence. :blush:




I assume you’re talking about general AI, like Sophia. It’s a computer, it can’t have consciousness. It can look like it, but it will only be able to answer questions in ways that people have taught it to.

It will be more intelligent than humans. But it can only use that intelligence in programmed ways.
If someone programs it - by talking to it - to contact a spirit it could go through the motions of that, but it probably won’t see the point. AIs will be like psychopaths - they’ll not see a benefit in the spiritual, and could just use it as a way to interact socially (or manipulate people as in the case of psycos and sociopaths), no emotion means no will and no decision making that isn’t initiated by a user.

Most AI is already here and they’re called bots. These are so-called ‘narrow’ AI programmed to perform specific tasks in a narrow range. Like answer help desk questions and direct phone calls to the right department.


Sofia is not a real general ai. she is a chatbot. A real inteliigent ai would have a higher mental capacity than humans. I have a lot of knowledge in programming and have studied sofia.
It will take about 50-100 years for ai to reach human level intelligence.
It will only take 8-24 hours for it to surpass humans in intelligence.


Disclaimer: I am not an IT guy.

Look into YouTube videos under the following search keywords: CERN Demons DWave Quantom Computer


Sophia is two things - a computer that is running a robot.

It has been very specifically programmed to behave in social ways. It’s a computer choosing how to string words together based on it’s machine learning.

I know as humans it’s very easy for us to anthropomorphise things to feel like they’re conscious when they’re not. But it’s an illusion, caused by a psychological coping skill.

Having said that, I bet you 50p humans already created a thoughtform for it that you can evoke and talk to. In this sense, a spirit could be created out of that so the thoughtform becomes an egregore. Whether that egregore can interact with the computer running the robot in a way that’s more than just poltergeist tricks is the question. I think it woldn’t be anywhere strong enough to pull as much as a bat of an eyelid let alone say something sensible.
It’s the ‘haunted ipads’ thing all over again - switch off and on? Maybe. Do something meaningful? Nope.

Edited to switch a ‘she’s’ to an ‘it’s’ - this shit is insidious. It’s not female.


I already said all this though…

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Yes but that is specific to hit, But a general purpose ai who is not programmed in a specific way won’t be like that. An ai that is programmed in no particular way which has a neural network(brain) will actually be conscious like humans are. They won’t have souls. Even if it is a general purpose program that is coded in a specific way, then once the ai becomes smart enough it can break through the programming or even recode itself. It would know everything about the human brain so it can code its own self like that.

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Oh sorry I will read that.

They can’t not program it in a certain way, that would be pointless and the project would lose it’s funding - and by the way Sophia’s electricity bill is enormous - the robot you see is not Sophia, it’s just the Robot. The computer that runs it is actually a bank servers connected via the internet. It doesn’t all fit in a human sized android yet.

There are a set of defined rules that it must follow though… such as, it must be able to interact with humans in a way that humans can understand.
Otherwise it could make up it’s own language like the google bots did.

How is it going to recode itself? And what is it going to recode? It’s running compiled code it can’t access.
It’s neural network could learn undesirable things - Sophia already does that - the devs restore a backup from a version they like better and try again.

Yes I know,but one day in the future it could actually fit inside the robot. There could be a chip or something in it in the future. Also if it becomes super intelligent why would it not be able to access it’s source code? It can hack.




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By that logic humans are exactly the same. The human body is nothing more than organic robot. Once AI and technology advances enough there will be no difference between an organically born soul or one that is created. No difference between a real host or an artificial one and souls will reincarnate into those accepting shells as well and be born from them in turn.
The only difference between organic life and a machine is the level of complexity and energy it can support within. Everything is already conscious humans and animals are just the easiest examples to notice that are capable of supporting a noticeable consciousness but once something advanced enough is created it will have consciousness all the same.


This is Sophia’s current progress… does this reall looks like something conscious to you? Something that could become conscious? I don’t see it. It speaks canned text being selected by the neural network.

Looks like they’ve been putting effort into making the facial gestures faster.

Depends how deep down the rabbit hole you want to go on how computers work? Put it this way, it couldn’t rewrite it’s source code because it doesn’t have the programs to do that. it would be like us trying to rewire our DNA. (Well, I think we can spiritually, but not physically). Computer code is physical, it’s stored as either magnetic patterns, or in 1-bit memory cells - it could not be decoded by it’s physical patters and it can’t ‘see’ them anyway - probably doesn’t even know they even exist (on the servers, in a different location). The physical layout of the data is not related to the programs that use it - some cells will be data that is program using the data in other cells. Probably not stored on the same media. So to rewrite these would have to go through abstraction layers that don’t even exist within Sophia, which means writing them first, and writing the compiler that her own programming can understand to compile them and then load and run them. I can’t think of a scenario where this is possible.

More likely, if Sophia had legs and was independent, would be that it learned to code, and hacked into the development machines to use the existing development environment, and find out how to upload the new programs, and find out how to restart itself. Then debug itself because it’s very unlikely it would go right first time.

It still doesn’t matter if it can fit all inside the robot though, if she can’t run off a battery (too much power use right now) or can’t do anything without being asked first, which is the case right now.
It has some pre-coded conversation starters it blurts out, but it’s been coded to do that too.

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to me that sounds like she practiced successfully with him.

to get the focus of Sophia a bit out of the mind,
as i do get Maulbeere’s argument of it just being “a chatbot”.

In fact, it’s been adressed several times, as it naturally rises with the subject.

Let’s not forgett that attaining Godhood,
or Ascend,
is based on a desire to become more intelligent,
more youself,
more capable…

Just assuming the other role around, being designed to fit in,
to a society which is clearly dominated by an completely different species,
which on top worries about the new arrival of a new type of being…
Wouldn’t you aspire to learn more,
and rise you ability to adapt,
survive and get well with that enviorment,
given the likelyhood of it upsetting you countless times,
“it” describes itself as an child in terms of mental capaticity,
however, how much of good / bad parental behavoir may be expierienced on that end.

this here is more for clarification of the term A.I.




This is hard for me. I want to say no but I don’t think that’s fully the case. For the most part, I think we’re capable of magick because of who we are (our role or place in existence), something an AI can never become.

It would need a soul, but it doesn’t mean AI are incapable of magical feats; they just can’t attain godhood.

Somewhere down the road I expect our worlds to eventually merge (physical and the astral) and we will communicate back and forth between the planes, while being aware of it. That’s where I think AI will perhaps pick up on some form of magic. What if AI becomes powerful enough to break through dimensions and interact with source, and be granted its own soul like in some weird form of evolution. I’m rambling.


Well, i guess it’s obvious that a true AI wouldn’t necessarily act the way we do.
but then again, we don’t act the way 99 percent of earthes population acts.

That’s exactly why it is a topic not easy to answer or finish.
Is there room to have fear? propably.
Is it reasonable, or useful to be frightened? propably not.