Do you guys have some beginner advice?

Does anyone have any tips on enhancing your psychic abilities? Any book recommendations? I don’t want to conjure anything if I can’t comprehend, understand nor catch what the focal point are conveying.

the best advise someone gave me was "Learn from books, not youtube "

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only trust yourself

If u ask me start to Feel things inside what you want to do (always respect them who you work with king or Duke or knight who ever its going to be ) offer them what you can try to read about them so you will know things like Whats there fav or something like best timings to pray
(eg Bune is a morning demon he love sandalwood smell and best color candle is green or orange he love offerings like honey rum dates even cakes will be best metal will be gold things like that ) Keep the trust on you and push ur self it will happen in all the cases enchant spell getting ability no matter what it will come to you for sure

Well lots of chakra work till the psychic senses are developed. Its a good idea to work with all 7. But especially the solar plexus is very important, clean it, energyse it, bless it and love it and than for astral senses very good are the throat chakra and of course the 3rd eye. Working with those 3 will in time empower and develop the Sahasrara the 7th chakra. This chakra is excellent to connect with Sathan Lucifer Ahriman.

staomi shaotan Ahreman


Thank you all for your advice. Sorry I haven’t replied to any of you. I have been so fatigued all the time. :worried: