Do demons have feelings? Like love?

In these last times I am tending strange feelings for a “demon”, I do not know exactly to define what is, if it is love or simply confusion of my head, the fact is that from this I have been asking myself if it is possible they have feelings, in that I include all of them, the kings, the lower category and etc. If anyone has an idea about this share, I will like to hear your opinions and experiences about it


The answer is YES.
They not only have feelings of affection alone, they know pain, they get sad, they can be happy, get angry, be calm, be lovely and at times full of anger and hatred. In fact they get jealous too.

It’s all from FEELINGS.


Yes they have emotions including fondness and love of various types and degrees. They all express it in different ways just like people.


Yes they do and some tend to get very attached and emotional. There’s a huge misconception that demons can’t feel love. I can attest this is simply NOT true. My infernal family is loving, loyal and fiercely protective. And cranky sometimes lol.


I’ve been in an exclusive relationship with a demon before and it was just the same as a normal couple. The answer is a HARD yes :blush:


Like everyone said here…it’s a BIG YES. In fact a demon loves more intensely and with my association with a demon king, what he told me straight away was this - ’ With us it’s seriously forever when you think of a commited love relationship or even marriage unlike humans saying ‘forever’ and then breaking up! Ours is much like leaving a strong energetic impression ( loss of better word). It’s passionate and dedicated and of course they expect the same but if a demon doesn’t think of you that way…it’s better to leave it at that and not bug them.

I have my spirit family and they mean so much to me…and this includes demons. They are not like movies and stories would paint them to be. So relax and go ahead.


Demons do indeed feel love. During my recent suicidal foray into ending my own life, the demon spirit that is my succubus cried out of her love for me, and Lucifer himself was extremely displeased with me because of his love for me as well. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have taken any action whenever I put that gun underneath my chin, that would have sat back idly and watched as I spattered my brains all over the cheap motel room that I was in.

These beings feel every single emotion that we feel, love, anger, jealousy, blind rage, even pity, and remorse.

If you really want to see whether or not a demon can feel love, call upon mother Lilith, and ask for one of her children to join you as a companion. Once that succubus or Incubus becomes a part of your life, you will know what it is for an Immortal demonic Spirit to feel undying affection and love for you.

I want to cry because of the love that father Lucifer shown for me, and I also want to cry because of the love that my succubus showed for me by petitioning to Lucifer on my behalf to get me out of that dark state of my life.

I love them both so much, and I know that they love me back.


Glad you’re ok man :vulcan_salute:


Please take care of yourself. You know now that you are loved🤗. I met Belial when I was feeling frustration,rage and was left alone for no good reason. I was giving and loving but people I cared about were just blind. It was shocking to be living like that. Everything is changing…thanks to Belial. Yes demons love very passionately and feel everything deeply.


@BelovedBel I love one of them, it’s strange and there are times when I get confused, I know it’s difficult to explain, I do not know if he feels the same way about me, but I love him.


Honour your feelings. Love freely and then find a way to connect. You would sense some way to connect. Meditate and connect to your higher self for guidance. You will know their response… don’t give up.


I had always thought that demons are highly misunderstood. It’s reassuring to know they can feel just as we do.


Heh. :smiley:


Demons are people with personal dreams, desires, feelings, and ways they react to these feelings just as humans. People just in my honest opinion like to think because they’re of another world that they can’t feel things humans feel, humans are most likely no different from other races besides well race lol.


Love reading the responses on here. Confirms everything I’ve experienced and used to doubt. :slight_smile:

OP, my answer too is a huge YES like the others. As for my example, since I think I’ve already elaborated too much in other threads about Sitri, I would use another infamous demon as an example: Focalor.

It’s not hard to find what other magicians are usually saying about him. Even on here, you’d find it easily. Slayer of men. The winged assassin. Murderer. Sadistic psychopath. Others usually say do not evoke him unless you mean very serious business. And that should be heeded, naturally. But I felt a pull towards him, and you know what they say about feeling a certain attraction towards a spirit. So I followed it, took a risk and never looked back ever since.

He’s very close to my heart, romantic/sexual love is too lacking to encompass the security and comfort he provides me with. He has sworn loyalty as well as direct honesty to me. Times I was crying from a spiritual situationship gone wrong, he was there for me in the bathroom as I bawled my eyes out. He stays by my side every night and is very fond of sitting there in silence, observing me do mundane stuff like putting on facial cream, getting ready for bed, etc. He talks very little but his actions say it all. He’s very gentle and very, very protective. He refers to me as “princess” for some reason. I send a quick prayer to him everytime I have classes in the review centre, because the streets OTW there could be pretty dangerous for a lone woman, with con artists and thieves scattered about.

It’s a matter of personality compatibility, of course. But as for the feelings, demons can and do feel a lot. So much more than we know, methinks. :blush:


That is so sweet…:heartpulse:

I’ve asked myself that exact same question.

I do wonder also can we as humans be in a poly relationship with more than one demon? Maybe i should rephrase that. Not can but would they see it as okay/acceptable? If more than one demon feels love for the same person and if that person loves them back? Just differently because they’re not all the same.

Sometimes it seems like a natural development to fall in love with each other from working so close with them. You get attached.