Do demons actually become visible when you evoke them?

Like do you see them in real life?
Or is it just you hearing and feeling them?


Through the development of the third eye, yes they become visible.


Sorry I was meant to write physically visible

Demons similar to other spirits can be seen as mentioned before in the minds eye. Visual manifestations also occur through scrying. Demons also have the ability to appear to us in dreams often taking on forms of beings we are both comfortable and uncomfortable with, it really has to do with what the operator is ready for. Demons can appear to people for years before they reveal themselves as demons or the person catches onto the fact they have a demon or demons in their spiritual courts, in reality a person doesn’t have just one demon but legions with them.


So we only see them when are eyes are closed never when they are open?

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Well, u will need ur 3rd eye,mate. But u don’t have to close ur normal eyes, the 3rd eye is the metaphor for the spiritual enhance of ur seeing


Theoretically, a demon or spirit could gain a strong enough presence to manifest physically ( or at least physically enough for your normal eyes to perceive it ). In reality you’re going to need to develop your 3rd eye to “see” the spirits.


Sometimes a spirit is able to achieve full-on physical manifestation but I tend to think its multiple spirits converging to do that, not just one. Would be interesting to know the actual physics of how they do that, refracting light and manipulating it like a hologram.


Eyes closed? No thats not at all what I mean. For example scrying sessions are done with the eyes opened. Visualization of things in the minds eye occurs whether the eyes are open or closed, it’s kind of like a day dream, but its not your own fantasy.


It is a very rare phenomenon. Light orbs can sometimes be seen without any training, but even then I reckon it’s probably down to our innate ability to perceive some spiritual activity.
It is an interesting question. I suppose it could be that there’s enough energy there to start to make our brain interpret that mass of energy as part of reality. Similar to how our world is partly created by our observing of it.

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I’ve caught glimpses bbn out of the corner of my eye occasionally.

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The short answer is ‘yes’. Though as others said, it takes practice and patience, and real tangibility depends on the amount of power the magician can raise, the environment, and coordination with the will of the spirit. When I evoke, I usually start to see mist all around me, and it actually -feels- like what you’d expect mist to feel like. Spirits take form from this energy, and thus I am able to see them. The amount of detail varies greatly evokation to evokation xD


I can’t see anything! More than 25 years ago I saw a spiritual entity form clearly from incense smoke released by an exploded charcoal tablet. About the same time also saw the Grim Reaper - darker then the night. Since then nothing.

I feel them though.



That is also great to point out!

You don’t need to be able to see them to be a badass and successful with your magick.


Two words:Manifestation base. Often through a moldable form of smoke which can be moved with energy such as wind. Seen in Many of the authors videos

If they mist I want it to be a warm soothing mist almost like a bath. Tired of the damn cold.

Some preacher might say “you’re going to burn in Hell!”

And I’d say: God I sure hope so. Being a being of flame you want to burn.

See I had a dream vision after a Lucifer dedication of the flesh bursting into living flame and it was pretty damn exhilarating, free, and fun.

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I believe they can become fully manifested that you will be able to catch em on camera to.
Like other spirits did before.

I woulndt try and film the spirit with out it’s consent heard it can be disrespectful.

Maybe even we can do it also to astral project and fully manifest alse where

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Initially, they didn’t become visible at all for me. Then I did this ritual here Belial’s Gateway Symbols with Belial and then the second time through (I didn’t see anything the first 3 days, but I rested and went back several days later like it says) I saw him in the aluminum foil. He took the shape of a friendly dragon, and then he shape shifted before my eyes into the shape of a scary gargoyle. Then he shifted back after I asked him to and for a moment I could actually see both forms at the same time. Honestly it took me a while to get used to Belial’s shape shifting.

I second the don’t take pictures without permission from the spirit, and that applies to them, offerings to the spirit and alters. They can break your camera.


Tbh, I’d rather their energies flow inside the body, mind, and soul than be outside to see visually. I’m talking about trusted spirits you work with routinely.

There are a lot of threads popping up of visual clarification lately. There are times the newer magicians seem to want to have visual confirmation so bad they become blind to the spirit and fail or give up.

I flip/flop here and there but I keep with it. The greatest times are when you aren’t expecting it. When your thoughts start summoning up synchronicity to the hour, minute, second, instantaneous… you better have a clear acceptance and not be blind.

As I posted in another thread. Last night I was going over my chants on Orobas. Hell, I was taking a leak at my pissing post then this huge Snort!!! sure enough there were horse tracks everywhere on the paths outside my circle, the yurt, the house. Instant!

Probably neighbors stallion but why was he out? In my field everywhere? At past midnight?