Disposing old altars

Hi everyone. I hope that you guys are doing great. This autumn I moved to a new home, and I left 2 altars in my old home. I gave it some thought, but I think I want to get rid of them to start anew. The last place I lived in wasn’t a good place. The astral fundament of that sphere was infected with parasites (yeah I know, rookie mistake), and I didn’t have a clue at the time I started doing magic there. So these parasites sometimes haunt me when I visit that place in my dreams. I’ve tried some magic to cut the link, both demonic and runic but it didn’t work so I figured it must be my old stuff there related to magic which is somehow an open portal between me and that negative realm, even if I don’t use them anymore and they’re put to ”slumber”. And anyway, parasites or not, I want to start anew so how do you guys get rid of old altars? I have never done this myself before. One is for demonic magic and one is for runic magic.
What is your tip? How do you do it and what works best for you? All help and tips appreciated. Thanks!


Visualise them and visualise them being closed down, use whatever imagery would come to mind if someone asked you to write a short fiction story where someone closes portals in order to tap the creative part of your brain without any limitations.

Do this a few times if you feel you need to, until your mind is certain they have been closed down.


I will try this. My visualisation skill is very weak though, believe me I have tried to get better by practice but whithout much of a result. I mainly activate symbols with and invoke them by gazing at the symbol while meditating and using a proper mantra. If visualisation would fail me, do you know of any other method?

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Try writing it out as a story, that may help, you can do it in a document or in handwriting?

This may assist with visualisation, walk-through on creating wards.

Try to imagine the altars, one at a time. Look at a sheet of white paper. As you imagine the altar, look at the paper, and using a black pen draw cricles, counter-clockwise, onto the paper, as though you were projecting the altar onti the paper in your mind’s eye then drawing over it to close it. Fold the paper into 4 quatyters and then burn it if possible.

If those don’t work, write out the sentence “With this intent I am closing my old altars at (either address, or nickname you gave that location)” and the sigilise it using any of the chaos magick sigil methods.

As you active the sigils, send out the command in your mind for the altars to now close down and become inactive.

These are just some ideas, taken from methods I have used at different times and applied to your situation. :thinking:


Interesting! I will try this. But what did you do with the altars when they were closed down? Did you burn them and give some offerings to The powers you worked with on the altars? And thanks for your time. You are great.