Differentiating Internal Thoughts from Demonic Messages

I’m interested to know what strategies you all use to differentiate between thoughts that pop into your head that originate from your own mind versus those that originate from external beings such as demons as messages.

This morning, the name VALEFOR and an image of a fictional character (that I think is meant to symbolize Valefor’s intentions) flashed into my mind’s eye and remained there, quite durably despite my own efforts to think of other things. It felt like a foreign thought if such a thing is possible. I have never worked with or read about Valefor in any context, which makes this quite interesting.

Anyways, any advice would be much appreciated.


That’s actually extremely interesting! I wonder if he’s able to help with some of my more ‘out there’ goals. Do you know much about Valefor, by any chance?

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I personally perceive him as very masculine, keen, witty and very good looking. He likes brotherhoods so will help gladly in such affairs. More than that he is a healer and besides has lots of talents in stealth, manipulation, seducing. I See him as very charismatic.

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I always find it comes into my head as a different voice. I’ve also noticed that every demon out there has a different energy, and I’ve learned to identity which demon with it’s own energy so I don’t actually have to listen/ look at them to know who’s talking. Another way, if you’re struggling, is ask them to show you a sign right away. Like yes, make a noise I’ll notice, or no, stay silent.

It becomes easier with practice, like everything else.

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Hiya OP! Valefor is the ‘dark mercury’ among the Goetia, he’s usually inclined to help out thieves and criminals, but is ambivalent and sorta embodies ‘professional uncertainty’. He helps people profit from chaos, but not for nothing- he’s a teeny tiny part (like amoeba vs universe tiny) of Takshaka, and like his overlord, wont be afraid to stab you in the back if you’re not working properly.

They’re a shady bunch, but their shiftiness does come in handy! :slight_smile:

By the way, could you return that trade at your convenience? :slight_smile:

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