Demons to help me with my club promoting job

Hi everyone

I am a club promoter doing rather poorly.

Basically I get paid $5 for every hot girl I bring


I get a 5% cut of money if a rich person is on my guestlist. So if the guy spends 100k I will get 5k

So first how do I get a bunch of hot girls to come with me to these venues. Can bune help me with this? What other demons do you recommend for this.

Second where where do I get a bunch of rich people for my guestlist. Can bune help me with this or other spirits?

Thanks in advance


It sounds like you might want to focus more on bringing in the big-spenders than just attracting more girls. The potential there seems far greater.

First things first I would apply some glamour magick to make yourself more attractive. This will help you with many aspects of your job, I would suspect. Sitri, who has the power to “give you an aura of lustful power” would be a good choice. After this I would call upon someone like Bune to generally attract prosperity to your efforts, bringing fortune in ways that may surprise you.

This also seems like a good situation for magick that causes people to bestow gifts upon you. If you’re looking for Goetic spirits, Valac has the power to “sway fortune so that money comes to you by the means of gifts and coincidence, without being directly sought” (taken from Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield).

Eventually I assume you will want to find better paying work, or work that gives you more power and agency. Consider working with Halphas, who may “enable your rise to power within an organization or group (this power is best employed with good planning and over a substantial period of time)” and may “help you develop and hone the skills required for your ambition.”

Perhaps one day you could own your own club, should that be what you desire.

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I spent a lot of time in club scenes in New York City (primarily house and goth). I hung out exclusively on a message board that was devoted to nightlife, was in a relationship with a DJ I met on there, frequently went to the meetups people did, was a go-go dancer at 2 clubs, handed out flyers outside clubs all night and sat them in record stores, took a couple road trips to clubs in other cities, etc.

That was early 2000s, though—before social media. This is probably happening now on Facebook instead of message boards. But that board was my point of entry into serious club people—owners, DJs, promoters, the people who design the flyers, the sound guys, and the party people. Promoters advertised their guestlists on there. That was for the house scene.

I got into the goth scene differently. It’s so image-based, all you have to do is look really cool and everything comes to you. Dress to get attention.

Are you in a big city? Go up to people on the street who look like they’re in your scene. Give them a flyer or even just your number.

I think I might’ve actually found out about that message board from a flyer I found on the sidewalk. (Someone’s litter.)

You just have to find the network and insert yourself into it. Party people tend to operate in big globs.

Think about who you’re trying to attract for your scene. What do they wear to the clubs? Where do they buy that stuff? See if you can put flyers in those clothing stores. (Do people even use flyers anymore?)

-Cool clothing stores (like boutique stores, not huge chains in the mall)
-Record stores (depending on scene)
-Book stores

It’s easier the bigger your city is. You can pay people to spread flyers or maybe get someone at the club to arrange comps or drink tickets for them, if you think the club is good enough for that to be enough compensation. At one place where I go-go danced, the only pay was getting in free and free bottled water. At the other place, I got paid, got in free, and got a massive stack of drink tickets. When I handed out flyers I was paid and if I was outside the club the door guys would let me in at the end of the night for free.

Mainstream clubs that are looking to bring in women usually lure them with free drinks. Like “ladies drink free before 10pm” or something like that. Or no cover for ladies. Maybe you could physically hand out or offer drink tickets online to people you meet? (Not sure if that’s legal.)

I’ve never done promotion beyond handing out flyers. I don’t know the ins and outs of it in the business sense. I’m just telling you what I observed, maybe it’ll spark some ideas.

Oh, I wanted to add:

I had no involvement whatsoever with occultism back then, and neither did my then-boyfriend, who was personally favored by the owner of one of the most legendary clubs ever to exist on this planet. My secret was being in my physical body and living through my physical senses. I had no astral senses whatsoever.

It’s all about people power and body power.

If you’re looking for mainstream hot girls, target sororities. (I don’t know anything about this because my school didn’t have them and that’s never been my scene.) I’m sure large groups of those people are easy to find on social media.

If you’re in a big city, rich people are easy to find and contact on Twitter. Famous people at least. I’ve seen somebody advertise weed to an entertainer on Twitter, so why not do that with your club?

Why are you a club promoter if you don’t already naturally have a huge network of friends and acquaintances? That’s why I never even tried although I would’ve loved to make a living in nightlife. I’m not an extrovert. At one time I had probably 200 acquaintances in NYC and I didn’t even consider that to be anything compared to the people I was surrounded by. Certainly not enough to be running a guestlist. I’m not the kind of person who wins a popularity contest.

Are you a party person? Do you believe in the magic of clubs? I used to get on the guestlist of a guy who I met on the dance floor. He was one of the wildest people there. He lived the lifestyle. He’d close out the place with people on his list and then drive them to the afterparty at somebody’s loft and stay there the next morning partying until the cops came.

I just don’t think it’s doable unless you’re a major extrovert and living the lifestyle.