Demons to help in court

I’ve said bits and pieces around the forum, but in case you weren’t aware: my mental health has been in the toilet for several years now. I have a master’s degree in social work and tried my hand at a few jobs, but every time, my anxiety and panic attacks led me to getting fired. I haven’t worked since December 2017 and I’ve applied for SSI. I hopefully won’t have to be on this for the rest of my life, but it will definitely be a few more years before I feel safe enough to go back into full-time work.

My hearing is in October. I need this, because if I get it, I can get my own apartment and I’ll have more money than the measly $400 a month social services gives me.

I know Belial is good at this, but I just want to make extra sure: what demons should I have on my side going into this thing?

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Not a demon, but a literal god of welfare, Mercury Dolius. :dollar:


Belial, Lucifer, Paimon and others

Also, the Magick of Influence of Hargrove could be useful.

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Belial for the legal bullshit
Dantalion for the social aspect. Sometimes rubbing people the right way (common decency not kiss ass) can turn the odds in your favor. :wink:
Bime for prosperity


An unbinding spell is also very handy to do.
It’s more of a white magic ish witchcraft level but it can help alot!

Bune (Bime), Belial (He is the beast at manipulating the system!), King Paimon and Dolius that @Lady_Eva mentioned above.


I would like to have this help on 24th July!