Demon(s) to evoke to help with banishing and uncrossing?

So I believe there is some sort of negative entity attached to my friend. To make an extremely long story short, once upon a time there were these people in my friends life that caused her alot of misery lets say. She was involved with a dude that eventually got involved with another girl (all taking place at her then job, this was a work love triangle) at the same time but never being exclusive with either one (eventually becoming exclusive with the other girl later down the road) and again long story short my friend has suspected that this girl has put several different harmful spells on her. Also was the cause of her younger brother to be all of a sudden unlucky with cars getting into 4 different car accidents almost back to back and its not because hes reckless or a bad driver. It started happening when the situation between her and the girl escalated and the car accidents always happened in weird ways and never being his fault but he always ended up being okay physically.
Eventually she found out it was her doing.
This girl has done a lot according to my friend and she has tried banishing her several times and freezing her when they were working together and it only was affective for one month at a time and she would constantly have to do them. I believe the girl might be doing vodou but thats just a plain judgement based off of where shes from and I could be wrong. But theres other stuff going on that I dont want to get into detail about because its not my personal business to share but it leads me to believe there could be a negative entity attached to her sent by this girl or possibly not meaning that because of my friends energy being so low and vulnerable while her practicing baneful magick a entity could have attached to her from that? But thats just a guess.
How everything is adding up I believe the girl just might be responsible.
My friend bought an uncrossing candle and she sent me a picture this morning of the candle burning completely black at the top signifying interference… so my question is, can someone recommend a demon that could help with banishing these types of energies and potentially protecting her from the magick that keeps being put on her by the energies that consistently are going against her and trying to harm her and her family?

Murmur can kill any entity attached to your friend.


She believes this girl and the guy has also astral projected to her and mess with her (cant go into details). Could Murmur also help with that?
Im really stuck in between if its an entity or just the girl doing spells and what not, im not exactly sure…

Yes, he can protect against astral intrusion.

However, I would advise your friend to set up some wards as well.

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Oh okay, thank you so so much! Do you mind linking me to a good post that talks about how to set up wards? Haven’t done that before.

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