Demon for the first time

Demon for the first time.
What was it like when you saw demon and made contact with the hellish creatures? And also, what would be the advice for the newcomers who are going to summonM Tell your opinions guys :slight_smile:


Don’t see this as harsh please.

These aren’t hellish creatures. They are non-corporeal beings that have a bad reputation due to all the corruption by Abrahamic religions.

It is difficult to get over the fact that our life experience as humans is not the be-all-end-all of existence.

When you are alone in the dark in your house/apt, do you ever get scared? Do you ever get creeped out? Does it ever feel like something can jump out from the closet, or throw stuff around? Ever feel like you aren’t alone?

If not, great. You have a sheet of armor in your head and can go on your merry way. If however you have felt any of these things, then maybe something deep in your mind knows something that your consciousness and society has a hard time accepting. Can you accept that instead of trying to scare you, something might be trying to communicate. It is only scary because it is alien to our normal life?

Anyways, instead of writing a book, I’ll tell you the short version of my story:

After years of being closed off to the spiritual world with unfounded fears and irrational thought, I opened my arms and embraced the Universe for whatever it is, which is WAY beyond what my mind can comprehend and … I let go of the irrational fear. (The Universe is simply more than we can understand. Accept that, and infinite possibilities will be open to you, including, non-corporeal life.)

The spirits came. Instead of irrational fear, or a closed mind, I became a nexus and welcomed the experience. I have met spirits that deserved to be feared, in a respectful manner. Fear is no longer a blanket I hide under, but a tool to show respect to those that deserve it. won’t give you details, because I already wrote too much to maintain the attention of average readers.

Best advice I can give:

  • Learn to KNOW that ‘they’ exist. Just know it. Loose the doubt.
  • Use fear as a tool of respect and survival, just as you would when you see a bear in the woods going about its business. Fear isn’t always a factor however.
  • Take inventory of your feelings and see if there’s anything in there that doesn’t belong.
  • When you are alone, just verbally ask, yes say it out loud: Hey is there anybody there that needs to talk?
  • Learn some grace. By that I mean learn to listen to your feelings, and be more connected with the world. This skill is invaluable when scrying and performing evocations.
  • Pick a sigil from the Goetia and give it a shot. Berith is a great ‘starter’ spirit. Not because he’s some kind of low level wimp, it’s quite the contrary. Berith can help you open your eyes and ears.

Have fun.


Beautifully said, @Rahnoren.

If you search my first posts here, you’ll see the kinds of intense experiences I had that brought me to BALG. They were crazy, intense, powerful … and they often scared the shit out of me.

But you know what? Not once has a “demon” hurt me.

And once I got rid of my old religious programming, the fear disappeared. You see, my fear was a reaction I was causing by thinking certain thoughts.

Do I still feel a thrill when I feel a powerful spirit come up behind me? Absolutely. It can almost be breathtaking to feel their power. But I don’t have to react with fear.

Now some of these spirits can be “infernal”, but that relates to the fiery quality of their energy.

My suggestion is to treat them with respect.

Think of them as Conscious Power. They’re like Living Electricity.

If you respect electricity, you can power a city with it.

But if you disrespect electricity, you’re going to get your ass fried.


^ What they said x 100 is my reply. :slight_smile:


It was terrifying and really exciting at the same time. I didn’t see results but I asked King Paimon (I tried to summon him as a newb who didn’t understand evocation) about it later on and he said that I wasn’t ready. He did mess with me though. He banged my wall and made my dogs bark. I was really scared because of all the Hollywood horror movie hogwash that I had consumed all the years prior. I definetly deserved to be messed with and me and Paimon have had a good laugh about it since.


The first time I met Belial he attacked me in my sleep, to see if I was capable of summoning up some whoop-ass on his demons… I’m certain of course that he carefully calibrated it so I stood a chance of winning (and even then it was touch-and-go, and I needed a little help from the goddess Isis) but to me that’s like joining any group, you tend to get tested to see if you fit in.

I think so long as we remember we’re not dealing with humans, who have a lot of programming of various kinds, including the biological survival instincts that served our ancestors and kept them alive, then working with these spirits is a rewarding chance to meet new forms of conciousness, and attempt to begin understanding them (though I doubt it;s ever truly possible).

Fwiw I shared my current state of understanding on “the psychology of demons” a while ago, nothing’s come up to “debunk” or invalidate any of it since I posted it, though of course I’m not claiming to have “The Truth™” or anything of that nature - this is just what I’ve found so far, and remains a work in progress:


Well, my very first experience was when i was a four year old with what’s commonly known as the Typhonian animal and all though it never did anything to me the feeling was pure terror.

Years later my first deliberate contact with a demon was with Bune and the strongest emotion from me was confusion, that was about the most basic ritual as you can do, all i had was the sigil and a happy birthday, and i was ready for fear, i’v been in more life and death situations then i care to tell, so fear is easy for me to work pass, but what i did not expect was when the presence came it was overwhelmingly female and also the total compassion i was sensing from it to me, (This is a “demon”? What the hell?)

I also agree with others that some demons/spirits are like standing next to something like a nuclear power generator in that they can make your rattle sometimes, but that’s power.

Being afraid is sometimes a good thing, as it makes you really think about what your doing and can make things more real, My advice is it’s ok to feel fear but always balance that with the rewards you can get from working with them.


I think it can become a bit addictive, if you were to say to me I could take one route in magick that never contained any frightening situations ever again, and I’d get great results, or I could get the same results but have more of that sense of… adventure? Triumph? - I’d choose the 2nd to be quite honest by now.

Actually I probably kind of have made that choice, because the Law of Attraction works pretty well for me and there are zero scary hell-demons on THAT particular route to success.

I think our set-point for fear gets set at a young age and for various reasons mine’s pretty high, I don’t “like” it in a normal way, but it feels normal, natural, kind of “right” and isn’t any kind of disincentive, at a gut-level “It’s scary” doesn’t mean “so leave it well alone” to me.

That might be fucked up but given that I like myself and am not in any hurry to do years of work to make tiny changes to that core programming, it’s probably a reasonably healthy way to express this compared to addiction, or getting into messed up relationships, and some of the ways people repeat this pattern in mundane situations.

I only get to be “me” with these exact details for one lifetime, I might as well do a thorough job of it and not spend ages yearning to be different, right?

Feeling fear and feeling excitement are kind of similar, it’s just what you allow them to mean.


Thanks for sharing man. Well said.


Such wonderful insight. Wow I love this place. So genuine.

I hate to take an off-topic detour, but THAT, despite its simplicity, is probably one of the only absolute Truths to be known. Even 1+1 isn’t always two.


Expectations set parameters.

If you want none of the latter, you must have none of the former.