Day after asking to be initiated by Lucifer I had a near death experience

Ok so I really do not want to go into too much detail as I have put several things in motion. Right now just curious to hear about any similar experiences. So 1 week ago My neighbor who lives in the unit directly below me( BTW he has lived there for 3 years and we hardly ever spoken, prior to this did not even know his name) stabs me in the throat with a large knife. Started w/ I guess it was daughter complains about noise as I am cleaning and setting up my new temple configuration. She comes to the door screaming and cursing so I tell her to go on. 10 min later I hear a banging on my door which I figured was the police. I open the door and it is what I assume is her Father or Uncle? He told I was warned just I was about to shut the door he comes straight in the house before I can react and next thing I know I see a large blade I grabbed his arm but it was too late. the blade was in my adams apple and I had a waterfall/spray of blood. Luckily my father was right behind. Point is this was unprovoked and came from nowhere. The attacker slipped in all the blood and somehow my father was able to push him out the door and lock it.
Okay So almost exactly 24 hrs I Evoked Lucifer( 1st successful evocation of him) to officially consecrate my altar to him. I basically ask him to initiate and empower me as a Black Magician…
Fact 1 I am working in the draconian current and have had a lot of success in working w the night side spirits.
Fact 2 I started my 1st sphere working entering through the cave of lillith via astral meditation by Asneth Mason. I never completed the work as in I did not complete invocation of Naamah and her initiation. Also this was over a month ago.
Fact 3 Never had any prior conflict or even interaction w my attacker.
Fact 4 My wound was nothing short of a miracle as I was told by all the ICU staff. No damage to trachea and just barely missed both arteries. I actually signed myself out of ICU.
Fact 5 I have grown so much in the last week. I performed a binding 1st Invoking Lucifer since I was really just winging this. I then purchased E.A.s Baneful magick on kindle same night after ritual and what I performed was almost exactly the same binding using King Belial and King Paimon.
Any thoughts or similar experiences ? Oh and although I am new to this (the dark arts only practicing not even 6 months) I connect with spirits quite easily and my intuition is growing by the week…


I actually think Lucifer saved your Life. I don’t know if he caused the attack but he did save you from it.

I’ve heard that he will save those loyal to him under any circumstances.


It almost sounds like you’re low-key blaming Prince Lucifer. If anything, he saved your neck…literally. Sometimes shit happens. Seems like your number was up.

Just wow on your story though…that’s CRAZY.


If I was attack in the manner you were, you can bet I’m plotting my revenge :smiling_imp:. You might want to curse your attacker because you didn’t deserve that. Your neighbor is a criminal and I really do hope you curse him for that B.S he put you thru.


I think the attacker was delivering power to you, and eventually once you integrate it, you’ll be them, in some sense. (A sense that you’re comfortable with, but will be polarizing to other people.)

Like what happens during Pluto transits.

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Not exactly blaming. Honestly I took it as an initiation. This has been extremely Intense . At first I was not sure if this was from my sphere working entering through the cave of Lillith. I have heard so many crazy stories about the 1st qlipha manifesting initiation through the form of a conflict but I soon realized that this was defiantly Lucifer. He definitely saved my life this I know. I have felt an attraction to him since I started this path but did not feel it was time to work with him yet. So I have been working with Belial even undergoing partial possession. Although Belial would work with me he kept making it clear that I was not ready. I just knew that on that night I needed to fully evoke Lucifer. Sure enough He saved me. I have grown so much since all of this. Hail Lucifer!!

Yes. This makes total sense. This whole family is seems tormented. Its so obvious my friends and family have all been seeing undeniable proof. So much in fact especially now even my devout Christian Father has much respect for my magick and I still am just an infant just learning to crawl. The control of my emotions that I posses now mainly learning how to wield hatred and anger in ritual. Hail Lucifer!!

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Yes I have already performed a binding w the help of Lucifer who guided me through a ritual binding calling on King Paimon and King Belial that has been very effective. Trust I am not done. I am just learning how powerful I have become. Watching my attacker (who is still free BTW) to be such a big guy he now shakes when he sees me. I live in the bible belt and the forinsics team took pictures of every square inch of my house including my temple. So coupled with fact that I am “a devil worshiper”(not my words) I also I have a long violent criminal history. So when they tell me that is a “complicated case” i know what that means. So I will be patient and while I await the outcome of this case might be others than just my attacker. All who align against me will be delt w/. If you have any suggestions could you please message me?


Just a first glance and from what you’ve told us and what I know about Lucifer, here’s what I feel is going on:

  1. The Qliphothic work can definitely be like a pin being pulled. So I’d look at the attack as that pin
  2. Lucifer is known for being protective so if you didn’t screw him over and are on good terms then he is a mighty ally

You have a couple options at this point. You could look at the attack as a result of the Qliphothic initiation and view the attacker as “under the influence”. Or you could view the attack as coincidence and do some kind spell work to bind or curse him. As for Lucifer, just respectfully come to him and ask if that was apart of the initiation. After all he is an Initiator. However, I wouldn’t start off the conversation with “why did you let this happen to me?” Not saying you would do that but just in case it comes to mind. Also maybe call up Belial for the legal stuff for this particular case. If there’s a way to win, he’ll see to it that you do.

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You’re saying you already have a violent criminal history? Is this sort of intensity the norm in your life? Getting stabbed and such?

Do you know what it is about you astrologically that puts you in this position? I was going to ask if you have some kind of natal Mars-Pluto thing going on.

Though not a big demon fan but this things isn’t cuz of lucifer, I am sure. Before someone takes some serious step in spiritual step or just after it , all the sins ( not speaking in christian sense, think of it as toxic energy ) will push everything in it’s capacity to make sure something fucked up happens to deter you from doing it.

That’s why having a warrior deity is extremely important before undertaking any spiritual pursuit as he/she can stop this kind of things before it materialize in to the physical plain.

Remember few years back I undertook hardcore Concentration Practices, within few days was about to hold on my gaze straight for 2-3 hours. Then one of the worst thing that could happen to me, specially emotionally happened to me. And I had to stop.

So there are many forces in existence which doesn’t want you to succeed in any spiritual endeavor.

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Can you please give some examples of forces that would stand in your way of achieving spiritual endeavors. I have suspected that may be the case for a lot of people. Such as why some people can’t get results from magick whether spell work or evocation and even those who want to study and practice the occult but are limited due to their families point of view. I know you mention that there are many forces that can set up road blocks to spiritual success but can you explain just a few.

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