Cursing a kid 😣

Hello everyone. I can’t believe my first post is about this topic but; is there a way to handle a bully. My daughter (9 yrs old) is being bullied by a classmate that just so happen to live next door from us.

She slaps my daughter all the time because she has a temper problem but that’s no excuse. I’ve told her parents but they DO NOT care at all. She is out of line and I’m ready to physically hurt the little girl. The only thing they want to do is drink, smoke and blast loud music.

It angers me so much and I would like to curse her and her family just to teach them a lesson.

My daughter doesn’t fight back because she “doesn’t want to get in trouble at school.” It hurts me because I’m either going to go to jail or she going to keep keep being bullied.

Any advice or magick I can perform? Thanks everyone.


Why isn’t the school intervening? They are liable if this is happening on their grounds… it doesn’t matter what the other parents thing.

Also this is clearly an abused child lashing out. I’d work on getting her parents noticed and child services involved.
Hurting this kid isn’t going to solve anything but helping her will stop the bullying.


The invocation of the high powers of Child Protective Services and Anonymous Tip.

Seriously, they are obligated to respond to every call they get.


Try this, as far as curses go it’s very effective and causes no lasting damage.


I agree with calling social services, except sometimes they can be unreliable. Sometimes. I’ve seen a YouTube video about a (former?) social worker who has shared stories about how even though there are clear signs of abuse and neglect, they won’t intervene. However, I don’t know if that’s just child services in general or just the specific state she worked in.

Still worth calling though just in case. I’d curse the parents into losing custody over her to give it an extra kick.

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Same question. Have you reached out to them at all?

My heart goes out to you.

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It’s true, they see the issues with a kid in my complex but walk away from it. The kid isn’t beaten or starved so they ignore everything else.


Guys, don’t count on the school to do anything. They honestly don’t care and would likely punish her daughter just as they would the bully. They are useless.


Not entirely true. There are school staff members who genuinely do care about the kids they teach. It’s just a matter of finding out who that is. And the only way to do that is to reach out.


@Prophet @anon48957109 It does happen on school grounds. I’ve personally called the teacher and the princapal. No one gets suspended. They just have the parents come to “talk about it at the school” it’s happened before and I have to go tomorrow for the occur ance that happened today. The parents are horrible. They talk like they were raised by savages, they are ghetto. But other than that the school doesn’t seem to be much help. At all

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Thank you

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Then definitely curse the parents into losing custody over their daughters.

They clearly encourage their daughter’s behavior through abuse and shouldn’t be allowed to have children at all. You can probably find a spell by searching this site.


Social services would probably be the best option. Although I don’t believe they abuse her, I feel they do not care for her much. She’s only 9 yrs old and sometimes I look out my window and see her out in the streets at 9-10pm as if she’s a teenager or something. She is very disrespectful. She and my daughter used to be really close but she is too grown for her age and I put an end to their friendship because she is too much. Smh


That’s just called good parenting. You definitely did the right thing by not letting her associate with the girl any more.


I’ll try with social workers and if nothing changes, I’ll definatly have to resort to magick. It Just hurts to know my daughter can’t go to school without something like that happening. She really is a friendly good kid that is very emotional and cares for everyone. I can’t stand that little girl.

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Thanks. I feel that was the best thing to do as well. Even my daughter knew she wasn’t a “friend” so she wasn’t upset at all lol

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:heart: Thank you


Depending on where you are you can threaten assault charges against the school for knowingly letting it happen but I’d work on child services as a priority.


@anon48957109 I didn’t know I could go that far and it doesn’t sound like a bad idea. So many fights occur at that school it’s a shame and it’s sad they don’t even to car. I’m so happy schools almost out for summer. I can’t send her back there