Curse on my child?

It’s not my job to decide what type of attack she’s getting. I’m here to help her put a stop to it. That’s all.

The Psalms i mentioned are there to defend her from WHATEVER type of attack she’s getting, and especially to protect her child who is an innocent baby.

My advice to her is to read a Psalm and let God handle it, she’s too deep in to start doing demonolatry now. My suggestion for her to stick with her original faith and not switch lanes in the middle of a conflict is the same advice Abramelin wrote in his grimoire (don’t abandon your original faith to gain spiritual abilities).

Now, if she wants to look into doing natural magick on the back end when the coast is clear, there are Hoodoo and Vodou workers who can show her the ropes. And those are the names i mentioned. I didn’t name any businesses. One of the people i mentioned is in good standing with BALG and has written books with EA Koetting. Another one is RETIRED, they don’t run any businesses at all. I simply mentioned good workers who have real ability and who can help someone in need. Why exactly is that a problem to you?