Crying during invoking lucifer

Thanks it was great actually to release my caged emotions

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Yea it helps a lot

Sometimes i get headaches but mostly its energy blasting through my upper body

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It’s normal I e only ever experienced it once but that’s it you should feel better now after letting all that go

I deep cleaned my entire apartment, including washing the walls :joy:

It happens regularly with me. Ever since I started working with Lucifer, I have become very… emotional. When I envoke him, it does feel like he’s helping me to work through some repressed emotions.

Did you really call Lucifer - “Satan”? Seriously??? You must be really New. wow!

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Well, for me, my Introduction to the Lucifer Current- was tears for months, twas a good thing, but wow The Way He Works!!! I had no idea or clue. I began the work and, it was great… nothing mindblowing, just great energy. I was about 3 days in, minding my biz washing dishes and listening to tunes on youtube. For about 3 or 4 months this ad for a group kept coming up and it just did not grab me as a “Check this out now” thing, so it went on my “Someday at some point file”. Then, while walking out of the kitchen, not paying any attn to the music- there came this voice from my tablet… hit me like a flaming arrow that stuck in my heart and blow my mind open… and my ears… it was “Katha Mia” drummer for Mono Inc. i have to about face and go see who and what was coming out of my tablet. Usually, any group will have only one or two tunes which I give a crap about… except for the german songs, it was beyond eerie to me how easily 90% of the tracks had a nearly torn out of my head, experiance, recent or not which was applicable… it was easily 2-3 months before the music did not rip tears willing or not. Lucifer— finally made a life time of experiances go from “What the fuck and Why me !!” to, You have been getting schooled by me for along time- enjoy the ride boy!"

It happens if you need it from many spirits really, and it sounds like you did. Gifts from the spirits come in many forms, whether it is a challenge to make you stronger, physical manifestations of things you need, or a moment to let go of what no longer serves you. Appericate the experience for what it was and continue on :slight_smile:


Lucifer and Satan are not the same indeed.
Only on kabbalistic maps who’s called Satan is Lucifer. Indeed (also according to Kenneth Grant) Set is Satan/Shaitan/Iblis. Can’t say it often enough.

Maybe he is new ^^
Only on qliphothic maps Lucifer is called Satan and is Lucifer indeed. About Satan I believe Grant because I experienced Satan-Set.

That same thing happened to me aswell, but i invoked mother lilith, i called her and said mother, instantly a tear flows down from eyes. And i started crying very badly, it was the feeling like when you meet someone after so long. I was confused couldn’t stop my tears for very long time. I cried out and suddenly i felt relief a warm. And i realised that i was stressed for like weeks but after that i was free from that stress. Even at night i feel intensely warm sensation at my right side of my face. It’s weird but i feel comfortable. I don’t know why.