Creating your astral temple

Observe your mood, if you notice some changes (more ampathy or agression) it will be good indicator. Also I would say 2 hours is upper limit. Your nervous system needs time to adapt and embody new skills. Remember to keep yourself moving and breathing before and after sessions :slight_smile:

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Is an astral temple just for you? If I build an astral temple can you go inside of it?

When you make a servitor you spend time thinking or writing on paper what you want to do. Does it make an astral temple better if you make it on paper?

Yes, it is just for you.

Yes, other people can go into it if you give them access to it. Otherwise, if you have warded it, they cannot.

It doesn’t make it “better”, but it might possibly help you flesh out the visualisation more. However, writing it out would just be a tool to help you. it is not something that is necessary or mandatory. What matters in an astral temple is the strength of your sensory experience so add whatever details will make it feel more solid and real to you.

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hmmm I been playin with the idea of a real temple… i.e. what would I do if I had the money to build a real temple. got 3/4 of the design finished. 160-200 acres somewhere in the mountains in the middle of nowhere (them thar religious people might try to destroy it if they found out about it)

I suppose that could be used as the model for an astral temple🤔 1200room hotel on top and on the bottom floor or basement … I’ve already made a temple space the size of a casino floor with the intension of several people doing things at the same time

lol maybe its time to dust of the box of dusty paints and start doing some portraits. I’m not good at people, but buildings are fun to draw

I find this post interesting and clears up a few things for me. I’ve been having problems hearing those I call. I can feel their presence and I get quick little pictures in my head but never any words or conversations. I’ve being doing a guided meditation to enter Lord Satan’s temple and I have asked him if he could help me with it. He didn’t say anything but the next thing I know I am in a room with a large pillar bed. When you lie down on it you sink into it’s comfort. There is a huge fire place with 2 comfortable chairs sitting in front of it. The flames of the fire keeps the room at nice warm temperature and are very mesmerizing. Also there is my black cat that passed away 10 years ago. She’s been with him since then.
I thought he was just giving me a nice warm place to keep me happy but after reading this post I now believe he has given me a temple for me to focus and learn there. I was just going there when I have a hard time sleeping. Thanks to the post I now know why he gave it to me and will go there from now on when I do anything magic.

Whenever I think of a home, like a building, in the Astral Realm I picture Barad-Dur :laughing:. But with blue flame instead of orange as I’d be a dark force of good

You got this from

State your sources next time

Who are you talking about? Cuz you haven’t replied to the post made by that person.

Whatever you are talking about I think there is no need for someone to state their sources until its directly copied, This is not a debate we are doing here. Anyways, hey you just replied to a 2 month old post, The person you are talking about may not even be active on this forum.

I can guarantee you this was copied, read the post yourself go to now go find satanic witchcraft…now find under beginner magic it’ll say building your astral temple

The general synopsis was stolen, maybe not exactly word for word but my point

But i am not sure who you are talking about Is it wulf, Vahanna or someone else?

The one who actually created this post lol

Fuck, Sorry lol Can confirm its copied directly just with different wording but I think you should’ve replied 4 years ago :slight_smile: