Creating A Wishbook

I want to create a wishbook. I’ve read other wishbook topics but I still couldn’t come up with a ritual. I don’t want anything dark or something like a cursebook, just a regular wishbook. I would really appreciate some help.

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Pick up a copy of S. Connolly’s Book of Agares. A “wishing book” is exactly what it is about creating.


Ooo! Ooo! Write it in futhark.
Totally write a wishbook in futhark. In the beginning, tell the reader that if they pronounce these runes, they get a wish too.

That’s how you write a dank wishbook.

Edit: Also include several ridiculous things they would have to say. Of course


I already have a copy but I can’t find the materials in my country.

Most of the stuff listed are common household stuff. What exactly can’t you get?

I searched more and found them online lol
Thanks for advice anyway, really appreciated!

So basically, if you write a desire in it, the wish is granted?

Or will be granted?

Yes. That is the premise of the Book of Agares.

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Only read it in fiction up until now… Never really came across sombody who actually is doing it.
Interesting, especially if you think creatively on the subject…

The Book of Agares by Connolly, and the Magical Cashbook by Damon Brand, are the two most current versions of a wishing book that I know of, but the idea has been around forever so I’m sure there are others.