Cocaine Curse

Thank you Sublimis I’m going to check it out.

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This would be the wife beater you described on the other thread as being cocaine fuelled?


Yes HermesHorse.

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Try lacing his cigarette or any other thing he smoke

Or get a demon to send visions to him about his high when he smoked crack so he think about doing it again

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You could try this:

If you get him using again, you’re probably going to kill him, but he’ll being doing all kjinds of other damage along the way, best to either freezer him (which could keep him straight) or outright try for a death curse.


Have faith in your magic and put all the negative energy in the spell. Think about how much you hate him, what he done to you and how badly you want him to die. Think about him being erased from life and off the earth. The earth without him existing in it. Call upon a spirit to help kill him.


Yes but thats supposed to kill them to lol!

@serpens_album AFAIK Grah’aht’talion does not kill his victim: his specialty is dominion over the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of humans. In the Ugly Stick curse, Dra’talon is the other demon employed whose eventual effect is that of death.

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I thought that you were saying to do the entire formality of the curse, not just referencing the demons. Got it,

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Yes I was thinking the same. If he is a wife beater and he get’s back on the addiction this could be a real problem for the woman in his range.


How patient are you?

Start vamping him to the point of weakness and vulnerability.

Once compleated, take full possession of him and lead him to his own Damnation.

I usually don’t act in this maniacal way, but some things need to be done at times. Especially to those who deserve it.


How the fuck :joy:

lmfaooooooo funniest response

Thank you It begins now.


How is that funny dude

Just the way I imagine you said it .

Oh ok