His name is Lord Clauneck, and he is AWESOME. I chose Lord Clauneck to work with a while ago now, primarily because my income comes via business ventures. I have worked with him via spirit sigils magick and standard evocation, but recently I invoked him for the first time. It was a very different experience, and the results are still going strong.

In my previous work with Lord Clauneck he has never disappointed. Manifestation came as expected, through my current channels, in the form of increased sales, new markets and random bits of insight, both general and specific.

The invocation is totally different. Since completion I have been flooded with raw energy, drive and focus. I have been feeling an odd buzzing in my pineal region very often. I have been running on very little sleep, perhaps 5-6 hours on the high end. All I am focused on the vast majority of the time is work, research and improvement of existing systems I have already put in place. He filled me with a drive far in excess of my normal motivated nature, and the results are awesome. Some of the new ideas for sales funneling are solid gold, sales are cranking, and this is the big one: when I have to deal with someone in a business capacity my efforts are rewarded tenfold, because he is flooding my mind with what I can only describe as money philosophy.

I look forward to an awesome long term relationship with Him.


That’s awesome I have been contemplating working with him for a while now


How did you ask him for this ? What did he ask for ? How long did it take ?


Evocation, coupled with a sigilized statement of intent which was charged before the evocation. During evocation I restated my statement of intent and burned it, mixing the smoke with smoke from a censer burning a blend i made specifically for the working.

7 copper coins and a single silver one. Also, I am required to share insights about money and how it works as it comes to me with at least one other person. Which reminds me, I am due to make an addition to my financial education thread. You should check that thread periodically, as I add to it here and there.

Noticeable effects within a week, and ongoing up to present, as this is a long term relationship which is part of a larger, long term working.


Where’s that post ?

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