Hi ! I’m new here and honestly started out here too look for ways too get back with my ex but now I’m iffy about it, but still interested in interesting ways too just try and see

I’ve dabbled in witchcraft before, mainly spell jars and charms for good luck and I’ve been interested in expanding my more fluent stuff, like summoning and petition spells.

Look forward too meeting you all


Welcome to the forum.

How long have you “dabbled?”

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Welcome to the forum.

Hi! You are God- you don’t need an EX…it’s their loss (but I know it’s hard :confused:)

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I got into basic Wicca stuff when I was 14 and it was quite a big phase that I went through and although I did a few spells non of them ever worked because I was 14 and I didn’t take the whole thing that seriously. Ever since then I have been doing jar spells every now and then though that have worked tremendously.

Recently ( in the past 6 months?) I’ve been getting into tarot reading with an old deck I got back when I was younger. I’ve found I’m actually quite decent at it and have read my future and situations as well as some close friends, that are quite accurate.

Recently I’ve been hoping to just investigate further into the occult just too see what I can do. Thanks for asking xoxo

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@DarkestKnight has an awesome topic of petition ritual, just don’t do what I did, let the ash of the paper mix in with the candle wax. Maybe you could give me a reading?

Be blessed, and welcome.

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Ahhh thank you I have already done my first petition spell though the help of a friend ( still waiting for the results ) but knowing there are online resources for this is really nice tbh.

And sure ! I’m very busy this week but have been curious to do some readings for strangers so If I’m free soon I’d love too ! Just DM me.

Sorry @WildWorldLoFI but you cannot do readings for anyone. We have a rule here prohibiting new members from doing so until they have been an active member for a minimum of 90 days and this includes in PM.

@Healing_Heart please refrain from asking other newcomers for readings.

Ah I see, I got you. I’m sorry for accepting the offer, I didn’t know,


sorry @DarkestKnight and @WildWorldLoFI, I will leave it to the gypsy down the street

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No harm in asking members for readings, but check the person’s profile first, and note when they first joined. The rule is to protect from scammers and trolls that join the forum and immediately hit people up in PM asking for personal information to do a “reading.”

@DarkestKnight good look out…

@WildWorldLoFI I encourage you to keep researching, and learning, don’t take any wooden nickels, and Be blessed.