Check this sigil out

Mmm are you new at magick? If you are, then go to mindandmagick YouTube channel. He knows good stuff. Watch the mystery school playlist. From the first video. You will learn how to trust your intuition even more :wink:

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Okay, so, this entity very much should have massive amount of energy. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the one who helped me with this, was a very powerful god, honestly. So far, I’ve been told it’s supposed to have so much potential. Some say this entity comes off as strong as a warrior.

I’m just testing things out to see what everyone thinks of this entity, his name is Valore. :slight_smile:

I intended him to be powerful and very knowledgeable. The power is a definite yes so far, lol.

Oh, and so far I’ve yet to see how he works with others and to see how he looks. My psychic sight is poor.

I saw a mental image of him as a Man in Heavy armor with a Shield and a Big ass sword looked a lot like this

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Ah, so he does look strong and powerful. Tall too? (Thanks for the insight btw)

Massive exactly how tall maybe 15-20ft.

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If so, that’s funny because I’m tiny and short, so for someone to envision him next to me, they’re gonna laugh their butt off.

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My protective measures flickered in response to it.


Ah, good, good. Heh, I can’t wait to try and see how well he protects and kicks butt, TBH. :laughing:

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I’d be careful. Make sure you reinforce your sigil.

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Okay, will do.


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Do you smoke by any chance?

Who’s will was mainly used to create this sigil?

Well, when putting energy into this, an unknown entity told me basically “Don’t worry about the energy. I’ll handle that part.” I just focused on intent, name, and sigil and such.

((Whoever helped does give off massive amounts of energy, honestly.))

No, why?

Just happened to smell cigarets while looking at the sigil.

Probably my grandmother just checking on me lol
she smoked a lot when she was alive
not the first time this has happened.

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Well for the smoking part, my dad smokes a lot and always has. It has affected my breathing some, honestly. I can’t stand being around him when he does smoke. Headaches and chest pains.

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I got beckoning, seductive, and inviting. Not really in a sexual way, more like I’d feel safe around that entity. I’m far better at picking up emotions than raw power, but that’s what I got from it. My reaction might be linked to having dreamed of the massive armoured knight before. Take away the axe and give the armor a slight blue tint and it’s spot on.

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Oh, wow, that’s good. Seems to be about spot on from what others have said.

I finally found out some names of entities who’s been near me. One or both of them could’ve been the one(s) who helped with this. King Asmodai and King Paimon.

I found out about Asmodai through meditation. At first his name can’t through as osmodeus but that’s one of the things people call him.

I found out about Paimon through actually seeing him and being told about his mount.

Ooh, Asmodai is the demon of lust! That could explain why the sigil/entity has a seductive/sexual energy about him!