Channeled Message From Shemyaza

@Ardax, I find a sigil online and print it out. Then I draw that sigil on parchment with a sharpie marker. I light a candle and some copal resin incense. I light my oil lantern for extra light. I sit at my altar and stare into the sigil while calling the daimon’s name aloud. When the sigil begins to flash, or disappear and reappear, the portal is open. Then I continue to call the spirit with eyes closed, or while staring into a black mirror. As I get deeper into the trance state, I feel the presence building and the appearance of the demon begins to structure in my mind’s eye. In time the spirit becomes fully present. That’s when I thank them, I present my offering, I tell the spirit he/she is an honored guest in my home and I pour red wine into my drinking horn. I then pour myself a glass and drink to friendship. After that brief formality I start asking questions or issuing a task. I like to make pacts with entities, so generally I work with one, or a group of them for a while, and then move on. Few spirits stay with me more than a week. There are 5 I’ve formed a close bond with and continue speaking with to this day.
So, different things call for different methods. When I do this outside I walk circles around my ritual area while chanting. It’s just what works for me.
So what I recommend for you is to search this forum using keyword evocation. Also I recommend Magickal Evocation by Franz Bardon and Evoking Eternity by E.A. Koetting. Try various methods and see what suits you. There are some key elements: Cast a circle, use a sigil, speak the name of the daimon repeatedly, get yourself into a trance, aka theta-gamma sync, and do not be afraid no matter what. Demons will manifest in some frightening forms to test your nerve. You’re the Authority in your circle. Remember that, while being respectful, but don’t take any shit either. Have some balls but don’t be a dick. Balance. A lot of times the incense smoke will pull to a certain area and that’s where the spirit is standing, so to speak. That’s really all I got for now. Good luck to you


Well i have talked about the history of the universe with Azazel for an extensive period, as well as with Haures and upon touching similar subjects the awnsers were mostly the same. From my experience at least the part about our relationship with them seems to be right on point. Good work pal, please keep these coming.


Corresponds with what Azazel has told me.


Sincere gratitude for this awesome and so detailed reply.
Really balance and experimentation go a long way. I used to say ‘Fear none; respect all’.
I’ll be round to learn more from your posts.
I wish you the highest accomplishmen in your Art.
Hail, Ragnarson!


Thank you, you’re too kind.