Chakra/Aura Cleanse Experience

Hi all,

Just had a chakra/aura cleanse and it was one of the best things I could have done recently. The process of the cleanse was very physical for me. I endured a splitting head ache on the first day with heavy pressure @ the third eye chakra after the work and during sleep that night I experience a very strange lucid dream where I was awake in my bed experiencing the head aches whilst my third eye was activating. The second day the headaches weren’t so bad but I felt lethargic and drained of energy the whole day with the 3rd day back to normal. Now I am now feeling balanced, all the weight in the world seem to have gone, I can now sense Auras and energies and have become more attuned with my emotions.

Side note also just had a pact done with Astaroth and life couldn’t be better :smiley:

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