Cashless Society

If we are headed for the so-called “cashless society”, then how is money/currency supposed to show up from a working? I understand that money is mostly symbolic, with no tangible value and everything is energy, but how is the money supposed to manifest?

Doing a ritual/spell and then hours or days later finding a few dollars in the street or someone giving you money from out of nowhere is one thing. Expecting money to pop up in my bank account or in the form of bitcoins, credit, “frequent flyer miles” or whatever is another thing.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


Don’t sweat the details, that’s the Multiverse’s job. While we are in many ways already a cashless society (debit cards, direct deposit, etc.), we’re still a long way off from currency disappearing altogether.


You have two options for dealing with this-

  1. Prepare sorcery around these systems.

  2. Break or otherwise halt the system.

  1. Money as currency is already a form of sorcery/magick. Getting people to risk their life, center their lives around, and become dependent upon worthless pieces of paper and metal. Now that is ultimate sorcery!

  2. We cannot break or halt the system. The energies we use in our magick need to use the financial system as a conduit to manifest the wealth, abundance, and prosperity we seek into reality.

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You can throw a wrench in the progress of the change into a cashless society. This is what I mean by break or halt the system.

You are correct, that money is a form of sorcery. However, that does not mean one cannot interface with it, and interact with the invisible power of cash.

At the end of the day, it’s just another type of energy.

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You could create a Seal that looks like a credit bank debit card just a idea

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Money is just a make believe thing which is supposed to represent a unit of value and redeemable in material product such as gold silver precious stones or anything that has material value. Unfortunately today’s money is 100% fictional backed by debt and nothing of material value. If it was up to me I would do away with the fictional sybols of value we call cash and go back to gold and silver as coinage.

This is what real money looks like.

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i saw on the news something about the government paying stores to go cash less for so many hours. …or either i misunderstood.

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Yes. VISA is paying some stores to only accept credit card and debit card transactions as part of their cashless program. This is just another attempt to make currency totally electronic and traceable by the government and corporations.

The only electronic currency I’m interested in Bitcoin. It’s not centralized by any government or corporate system and it’s untraceable for the most part.


For the last few years all the buses in London take card payments only either bank or travel card.
They are pushing this heavily. I saw a video the other day about paying for commutes and train fairs with a microchip in your hand.
These cunts aren’t playing.


Buy physical, in your hand, weight and purity stamped silver. I don’t buy beyond 1 Troy ounce for each piece I own, but I also have 1/3 troy ounce pieces. There isn’t much time. I have been studying what’s about to happen for more than thirty years, both exoterically and Magickally.

I will die early after the crash and for the same reason that people in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Venezuela and other countries have already died and continue to. The same reason people everywhere are going to die. It’s going to be a circus.

When economies and currencies collapse coterminously you have no idea. Believe me, you just have no idea! The energy to be released by the destruction of foundational and long, passionately held paradigms will be extraordinary. Nothing like this has happened before on such a scale. Let me put that in some sort of context – Ever! This will be global and quick. I won’t be wasting my opportunities. I’ll be collecting and (mis)directing the abundant, low-grade energies. For what it’s worth, probably not much, I suggest earnest study of Atu XVI: The House of God/The House of the Devil.

Death doesn’t bother me. The manner of my death does. I don’t wish the straw-death. My Magick will continue after me, as it continues without me now. But I will live long enough to do more work. The battle is an old one.



My money magick has yet to manifest in the form of an inheritance or “found” money. It generally comes in the form of an opportunity that results in money. When we cast a money spell it is not the money we are really after; it is what that money can buy. If we were to switch to a paper fiat currency-free society it will not effect my workings at all. I will just make a slight adjustment in what and how I call what I need into my life. Good thread, good topic.

I am not convinced that PMs are the way to go, either. When the SHTF economically there will be a shortage of food and medication; that is where most of the suffering will come from. Unless you can feed gold to a starving kid or cure a nasty infection with a Rhodium ingot I think you might be squirreling the wrong resource. That being said, I do love the luster of PMs and I do collect a bit of coinage; merely as a hobby, not a contingency.

You know I legit just seen something like this on my feed my Christian cousin poster it let me find it

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The “Mark of the Beast”?

That’s what he called it