Can you NOT have a chakra?

I could never see or feel my solar plexus and anytime I would begin to meditate on it and all I could see and feel was absolute nothingness like this one wasn’t even there! but still I would continue to meditate on it with no results until I had a couple of people scan it for me and they told me the same thing I could see and feel and they were surprised…

Is it even possible to not have a certain chakra ? and for this particular chakra what could be the cause ?

Also I have tried funny things like meditating on growing this chakra in myself with no results :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

I’m perfectly aware of the powers and benefits this chakra offers and that’s why I want to fix it

Any suggestions ?

All chakras are is this, a hole through which your body passes energies from within and without through. It is theoretically possible to have it so smooth of a flow that energies won’t pool around it, but it’s also possible to just not have the senses to really sense them properly.


I can sense the other chakras

Plus like I said I had others scan it for me as well and again like I said they sensed the same thing

Could be super blocked, or insanely open as I said before. Or your energetic system developed differently. You don’t need chakras, if your whole body acts like one.


I agree with @Anziel_Merkaba in the sense that I used to have a hard time sensing my throat chakra cause it was very imbalanced. I have a post here on balancing chakras if you want me to link it


What you believe is always up to you. But within the spiritual traditions where chakras are a thing it’s impossible to not have them.

However like others are mentioned they can be imbalanced somehow like being too open or too closed.

I’ve found meditation and yoga to be helpful practices to get in touch with and balance the chakras. Also using gemstones that color coordinate to the specific chakra you are working on.

I used to have a problem with my solar plexus being unbalanced because of too much drama in my personal relationships so I started working with citrine and eliminating the drama

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So would it theoretically be possible to have your body act as all of your chakras at once?

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According to Enoch Petrucelly who is an author in Abbadon volume 4 and Lucifuge volume 5,
he claims that chakras are alien implants and he has a system for chakra removal. I have remained a bit skeptical, but anything is possible. I have also heard of people being born with out the Astral silver chord.

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Vk Jehannum talks about the dissolution of the chakras on his youtube channel.

He used the mantra of “phaos abussos”

In English, “Light of/from the Netherworld.” Calls on demonic energy to empower the chakras of the spinal cord, as well as the subpersonal and transpersonal chakras should the witch have opened them. Very powerful and not for beginners.
Source: V.K.

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Not everyone has the same energy system, some have chakras in different places, some have few chakras, some have more chakras, some people’s appear and whirlpools of energy, some people’s appear as blips, etc. However, I find chakras aren’t the important thing, in the sense that working on your chakras isn’t like working on them directly, but rather working on your skills, your mental and emotional state as well.

You want to see entities? dont fiddling with your “third eye” practice your clairvoyance, learn to scan, each of the 5 senses has a psychic overlay to them, which is one of the clairs, work on them through scanning, self awareness, outer awareness, you don’t need to sit down for 20mins and hum on your 3rd eye or something, especially given minor chakras are there as well.

Point being you waste more time focusing on the chakra itself instead of focusing on the ability you want to improve on and the practice with it. The chakras are affected by that practice not the other way around.

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Ive always disliked working with chakras. Sure ive tried to balance them, and meditate on them, but I dont really care.

Ive also forcibly changed their color, and for a minute my spirits were saying I have an inverted chakra system but who knows. Well I guess they know and they again tell me yes.

The point is chakras are yours to do what you want with them

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