Can you be on the LHP and NOT be a Satanist?

A close associate of mine asked me if I was a Satanist because I told her that I was embracing the Left-Hand Path (LHP). I said no.

I do not consider myself a Satanist nor do I use any other label to categorize my Spiritual beliefs. I am not Buddhist even though I like his philosophy, I’m not Jewish, I’m not Christian even though I try to follow Yeshua/Isa’s TRUE esoteric teachings. I’m not a Muslim even though Islam is “a gateway into the occult.” Islam is mostly scientific, encourages debate and questioning authority. Hinduism is really the OLDEST recorded religion and predates even Ancient Egypt.

I am neither of these, but I draw on all spiritual traditions. I can’t be put into a box.

I am Spiritual. I am a spiritual being. I am a God in flesh. We are all Gods. I AM.

I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. – Psalms 82:6
Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said,“Ye are gods?” – John 10:34

Isn’t the whole idea of the LHP is freedom? Not to labeled and herded into some religious dogma/social control.

“I am Sam. Sam I am.” – Dr. Seuss :smile:


You are LHP.

Muslims, Jews, Catholics are RHP

Warlocks, Theistic Satanists, BALGers, are LHP

You can be a LHP and not be Satanist, but that all depends on your definition of Satanist.

Our new friend @anon32062581 is a Satanist in the truest sense. High Priest Hooded Cobra deals with Father Satan directly. You probably aren’t a Satanist according to the HP’s definition.

Others see Satanism as simply opposition to Christianity and don’t see Satan as ‘real’. This is a definition many of us fit into. Satanists are simply enlightened rebels against Christianity and have broken their shackles.

After visiting the Joy of Satan site, my personal opinion is changing and leaning towards HPHoodedCobra’s definition. So I would not consider you a Satanist and would consider myself an aspiring Satanist.

So it depends on your definition.


Can you be on the LHP and NOT be a Satanist hell YES!! :smiley:

I would go so far as to say “-isms” of any kind steadily detract from the LHP, this may be a willed conscious choice, for some of us, for others it’s an adherence to things that’s unexamined.

LHP meaning individuation almost intrinisically calls for the person to not accept any gods or spirits, including Satan, as overlord, at least in any permanent way (subjective synthesis is the exception most used in magick).


honestly id view myself as neither but both at once. As some of you may know i am awakening and i am coming close with my own personal truth and empowerment. ill detail an astral projection which is below:
"I stood upon a cliff with my eyes closed and asked myself “what is one without the other?” i began to lean over the cliff and fall and as i did i kept asking "what does one force mean without it’s opposite?"
i opened my eyes and flipped in the air to face the cliff “surely if i am a being of infinity and light i am also a being of infinity and darkness? Yes. I am all and nothing” I began to focus upon my bodies “I am a being of infinity and nothingness. I am life and I am death. The hawk and the snake. The shadow and the light bearer.” I began to create expansion within and without my selves. “Can we have love without hate? Want without need?” Wings began to expand from my body, black as night. “I am light and darkness, the perfect creation. I am the balance of all opposites. I am the worm and the dragon. I must seek perfect balance of the self, perfect control over the self and the world without me, for balance is key and with balance and control comes power and power is all that matters.” My fall began to slow. " The darkness holds the light, for without one there cannot be the other, there is no truth without lies, especially if I am all and nothing. I am both light and dark. I am grey." I reopened my eyed to see i barely touched the lake below me as i came to my self realization.

so with that i ask, why must we limit ourselves to one or the other? Only left or right? why not both?

edit: i forgot to answer the question hehe, yes you can be lhp and not a satanist. there are many paradigms out there.


I think it comes down to how you define it, final merger with the All through dissolution of ego, or final attainment of the qualities of the All through strengthening the will and ego… but yeah, that’s just my personal definition, not saying someone can;t have both or that they can’t have their own take on things. :slight_smile:


exactly. i love awakening lol.

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Satanism is just a slice of LHP. The LHP focuses on the philosophy of personal freedom and empowerment. You don’t have to believe or use the symbol of Satan to do that. Anyone who says otherwise don’t really understand LHP philosophy. In fact, I don’t think many LHPers fit neatly into one box, so any labels are really more a collection of loose practices.


Beautifully expressed Nagathex. Truth 100%

The RHP is hardly the path of light, and the LHP is definitely not of darkness alone.

RHP is ignorance, subservience and spiritual deficiency.

The balance of light and dark in all their meanings is found only on the LHP.


id disagree with that last part.
because one decides to be subservient does not necessarily make one ignorant.

i also, personally, wouldnt say only balance and knowledge are solely on the lhp, but thats me


Personally, I don’t complbelieve in duality as human nature is the same across the board. No one wants to feel weak.

As far as right hand path however, I know people who work with only angels and are completely non judgemental. Nothing wrong with that. As far as religion. I don’t believe it falls into either category. There is nothing spiritual about the abrahamic religions, it’s all dogma. Nothing more, nothing less.

I also know people who are very gifted psychically, but still go to church and have expressed vocally to me how it limits them, and they feel like they are trapped by it.


Actually yeah, i kinda blurted that out. Need food. I’m with you.

Edit: Just ordered food. Should fix my brain.

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I reserve the option to agree or disagree with anything at any time; sometimes I disagree with Satanic people’s views, sometimes I agree with Christians, or vice versa. The freedom and willingness to do so is the essence of LHP.


My goals are firmly LHP and I’ve never had an interest in working with Satan. Had a brief chat for someone else, but just not interested in him myself. I personally just believe it’s an egregoric mask that other conscious forces wear, but hey that’s my model.

Satan certainly isn’t the only adversarial force … and he’s not even the oldest.


I think that there are also a lot of satanists who are right hand path. In my opinion if you conform to dogma of any kind, to supplicate yourself before an external authority or deity, then you are more right hand path. It does not matter who the deity is, but as long as you submit to the authority and wishes of an external power then you align yourself with the wishes and desires of something outside of yourself.

I watched a video on youtube where Edward Pandemonium (from the Temple of Set), indicated that it is all about self determinism versus other determinism. Self determinism equals left hand path, whereas other determinism equals right hand path - does not matter which deity or spirit. In order words, it is basically internal needs, desires and wants vs needs, desires and wants outside of yourself, external.

The most difficult question to answer is not “How to obtain my desires”, but it is actually _"what are my desires?"

Stephen Flowers book “Lords of the left hand path” really gave me an extreme objective view about what left hand path and what right hand path really is. Satanism should not be synonyms with left hand path.

It’s like Timothy said in his book “Black Magick Manifesto” __It is critical to differentiate idolatry from worship.__To idolize means to revere, whereas worship means to submit._Black magicians do not worship nor believe in any god in a literal sense, which qualifies them as atheists. Notwithstanding, they do idolize certain egregoric spirits from old faiths in order to inherit their powers and personality traits.

That being said, I feel that we must not be too judgmental towards each other, because we can learn so much from each other, despite that we have different beliefs, and how boring would this world not be, if we all had the same beliefs…


Excellent post! :smiley:

I think it’s entirely possible to truly, deeply, love spirits (gods, demons, whatever), even be willing to serve their agendas in certain ways, without that making the flip into outright spiritual subjugation and the kind of helpless slavery the mainstream religions propagate.


Thanks, at least now I know, I am not the only person feeling this way.


How about those on a Thelemic path?

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I just want to add to say, that although I idolize, respect and even love demons in the same way that a demonolator, or theistic satanist does, I still worship myself.


of coarse you can! Lady Eva is absolutely right!


Thanks, this really motivates me.