Can someone check if my Petitions were answered? Duke Sallos, Amon, King Paimon

I am new to the Magic World and recently called on Duke Sallos (twice) made a petition. Called on Amon and King Paimon but since I am unable to see or hear them I would like to know if they got my petitions or if I even made contact. :crossed_fingers:

If anyone with the ability would ask any of the mention Entities, Your help is greatly appreciated!
DM: if you’re willing to help.
Thank you.

Dude… if you got what you asked, then yes. Come on, it’s not that hard.


This is really something you need to do on your own.


If you’re going to delve into the world of magick, then you have to be prepared to put in some work. I suggest you start here and do some research, arm yourself with some knowledge. Good luck.