Can anybody give me some ideas for a curse?

So here’s the deal. I need to place a curse on a guy i haven’t met in person. I only know what his first name is and ive gotten a small description of what he looks like. He helps my grandma (who lives hours away from me) by taking her to doctors visits and such. But the problem is, he acts like shes his girlfriend even though he is married. Not only that he sometimes tries to force himself on her, and is verbally abusive and gives her threats that he will hurt her or shoot up her house. He has stolen money from her. And if she ever talks to any other guy or gets help from anyone else, he gets pissed.

He has been too much of a pussy to show up when im at the house (he’s even said that i look like some chick that he shouldnt mess with so apparently he does spy from somewhere when i visit). Sometimes i wish he would be man enough to show up so i can give him a piece of my mind. Ugh. sigh So yeah you can tell how much he makes me mad.

I wish that i can be there all the time to help my grandma but its hard since i live far away. But im working toward moving out that way.

Can anybody gimme some ideas to curse this guy’s wacko ass?

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The simplest one would be a modified freezer curse, you should only need a first name and your impressions of him for that:


@Lady_Eva to the rescue XD lol thanks

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Just a thought here @Lady_Eva

You think that this freezer spell for instance might be useful in binding let’s say organizations or businesses as well as opposed to individuals only??


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Either option really. Simple spell is somewhat preferred however.

I think this calls for one of my grandmother’s cursed pies.

Simply make up a small tart or other baked goods while reciting something such as Psalms 55:15 or a mantra/other prayer of your choice, visualizing the venom of your words seep into the treat as it is being made such as dripiping poison, and leave out where he can see it with his name on it. Seeing his hesitation with you, best not to let it know it was from you though. Consider it a magical trojan horse.

The freezer spell @Lady_Eva mentioned might be a bit more practical in this case, but a cursed baked good method can be a great idea to have in your magical tool box so to speak.


Oooh!!! I might have to give this one a shot some time! Already a few people spring to mind.

But back to topic. Yes what Lady_Eva suggested should do the trick nicely.

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