Black sun

So I wanted to increase my personal power. So I asked Lucifer and Tiamat what they suggested. They told me to absorb the rays of the black sun. So I tried it. I imagined the black sun in the sky, and I absorbed this large energy beam. I noticed that when I did this, in my vision, my root and solar plexus turned black and my perinium (spelling) warmed up. I also felt more… Vampiric for lack of a better word. It also made my astral body grow. Could this be seen as a suggestion to walk the path of smoke? Does anyone have any other suggestions or comments?


Also the reason it’s specifically the root and plexus is because I wanted to see if I poured the energy into a specific chakra rather than my general self.

There is vampiric work on the path of smoke with az-jahi here is the topic on it with the video,

If you feel drawn to the path of smoke it may be something there looking to empower you.


This seems very similar to work within BMoA. It may very well be a calling because results akin to that rarely will occur outside of the presence of the current of the Path of Smoke.

I have yet to go into the Lucifer/Ahriman connection, but Rudolph Steiner hits the nail in the head regarding many points. Honestly I do not know if I ever will. Mainly because I do not want to sacrifice the integrity, focus and potency of the current.

Regarding Tiamat… I do not doubt her suggestion of this because she is an embodiment of the good or the cosmic womb. She was revered around the same time as the ancient Daeva Cult of Ahriman.



Well, if Lucifer suggests it…

If it helps with growing your astral body, this means the energy systems get improved and have larger amounts of energy coursing through them, which should eventually help with opening your astral senses… :grin:

Hmmmmm… might have to try it.

Well, I’m only 17 but I have managed to accidentally channel others works before without actually trying to or realizing it. I may not be able to afford the Bmoa at this moment but that doesn’t mean I can’t be taught similar methods by the spirits. Just gotta finish up my work with the Morrigan first.

Satanic Power Meditation PDF volumes 1,2,3 Free ebooks from the Joy of Satan website
This increases Kundalini energy as well as working with other energies


Do a ritual for it, i keep seeing alot of people wanting to work money magic cause they say theu cant afford a text, but when the whole reason you need the money is for something else just cast for the end goal.

You’d be surprised how well this can workout. If your already working on another project its easier to get the ritual out of your mind. I’ve been doing this for supplies about twice a year for the last 4 years now.

The way i see it learning and practicing any type of magic is not a cheap endeavor neither in time or money. So the magic needs to pay for itself as i learn and experience more.

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How would I perform a ritual for it?

Right now I’m working on getting a job for these sort of things.

A while back when Lucifer first appeared to me. He presented me with a black flame and it forced itself into me. When I told Lucifer I wanted to become stronger he showed me a vision of a black sun in the sky. I expected to feel rays coming down but the reaction was internal I felt that black flame inside suddenly rise up and that my blood was turing black. I had flu like symptoms for about a week

I had a vision of Azazel while I was at work. It was very early before the sun came up. I saw the black sun in the sky.Everything around didn’t just look dark it looked like the colors of the world became inverted.

Vampiric?I started to become aware of my breathing and my heart beat.My veins full of black blood and constricting. Like a hungry beast.I can’t think of another word that deep hunger like you just want to drain someone until their dry. Like you just want to devour everything. Then that feeling taking form it was red and black rising up out of my body and upout of my cubicle. Then up and out of the roof of the building and then snapping back into me. Then the vision ended. I looked at the clock and 3mins had passed and the sun was starting to come up over the horizon.


Sigil and candle magic are good places to start. elemental and planetary magic are good also if your familiar with those.


Alright thanks. Like I’ve done money Magick but I’ve never had a ritual to gain a specific book before lol.

Exact same idea different target, as i said i do this kind of ritual at least twice a year for general supplies.

I’ll end up getting stuff for works i havent even planned yet its awesome :joy: its like
universe - "your gonna need this"
Me - for what?!?!
Universe- “you’ll see”


Yes ive asked for the books themselves or what book would be best on a certain topic. Then i’ll find a $30 book in a thrift store like new or still in shrink wrap for $5.

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There is definitely a connection between the black flames that Lucifer brings, and the black sun.

Interestingly, I feel very compelled to visualize the black sun. It would sometime pop up into my head, and I would need to change it to the regular sun.

And, it would be accompanied by this rush of euphoria.

Maybe it’s the time to fully embrace the black sun. :relieved:

Still, there is fear.

I am really wanting to do this, but imma bad-ass crazy god so I am going to do the Lake of Fire first! Halloween 2017 it is on!

But the black sun is definitely a ritual I want to get up close and personal with!

It was more of a meditation than a ritual

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In which book is the Lake of Fire explained in detail? :slight_smile:

Interestingly, I’ve been curious as hell about it, but I’ve been put off by the amounts of magickal equipment needed.

The book of Azazel and some in the Mastering Evocation course

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Yup I add myself to the people who say there’s a link between Lucifer and the Black Sun. I had the closest contact with him I ever have, and some nights I still have visions of him during the exercise. I don’t know what’s the link because it seems pretty different but yeah, Lucifer seems to work with the Black Sun in some way.
It’s really cool you guys should give it a try without hesitation :slight_smile: