Black Book of Azathoth

Hey All,

I have ordered a copy of the Black Book as a very appropriate Christmas present to myself and, while it is winging its way to me, I was wondering if anyone has used the book and if they might be able to speak on their experiences. I did a search but couldn’t find a thread detailing any work from it.

I have S. Ben Qayin’s Book of Smokeless Fire and really enjoyed it so I’m quite excited to jump into this current, once my angelic pathworking is completed.




I cant speak on the book as i haven’t worked from it but i have learned alot from the crawling chaos and Cthulhu over the years. My work with them is what lead me to explore the work in black magic of ahriman.

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What have you learned from Nyarlathotep? What system did you use to contact Him? He is the one i am most looking forward to working with through S. Ben’s system.

Originally when i was a little one, i had stumbled onto some of the classical texts, kybalion, some of crowley’s work ect. Then i found lovecrafts work and curiosity lead me to call to the crawling chaos with a simple meditation using a candle and his name as a mantra. After i noticed a distinct shift in atmosphere being the punky kid i was i basically shouted out “Teach me to be as the old ones!”

At first i sought knowledge and i got very good at finding it. I have a small library on a hard drive. Few years ago i decided to start seeking how to apply this knowledge and turn it into power and ways to apply and turn the knowledge i had into power started falling in my lap.

The last thing i was told was Basically to evolve so my brain wouldnt melt while working with them. I posted a bit about it here Most powerful and dangerous currents on the planet? and on a few other threads.

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Thanks for sharing, man! I have been very curious about the Lovecraftian current ever since discovering the fiction of H.P. L It led me to the literature of the ONA, and then on to EA and Works of Darkness. I’ve read the Pseudonomicon of Phil Hine, who worked with the current in a Chaos Magick context, as well as Donald Tyson’s 13 Gates of the Necronomicon.

It is very interesting that the Old Ones responded when you called out as a youngster. I find that pretty amazing. I am very much looking forward to diving into this current. I’m in the process of reading Asenath Mason’s Necronomicon Gnosis and I’m curious to see how similar her take is to S.Ben’s.

From my understanding her’s is a initiation rite into the current, where as S.Ben’s takes a more ceremonial route to working with the current.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to me!! My Black Book of Azathoth just arrived today!! Thank you EA, BALG and S. Ben Qayin!!