Biggest thing you've accomplished with a spirit?

I mean big. Something you couldn’t have done without them?.. Im new to This but I have had the greatest night of my Life so far because of Lucifer. Making a lesbian chick fuck me and squirt all over my car multiple times. What about you?


See my story How I lost my virginity in a threesome

It’s hardly the most impressive story I’ve got, but It’s the one I like to talk about most. :grin:

I think the most impressive (and scariest) curse I have thrown was with the help of Hecate. A friend of mine had some false rape allegations made against him. He managed to come out of it without a conviction because the girl was caught in a lie. She had actually bragged to one of her cousins that she was able to ruin the guys life so easily… all because he called her fat. Her cousin didn’t think that was very cool and decided to testify in favor of my friend.
Proven innocent or not it didn’t help my friend. His life was still torn apart. He lost his job, his wife left him, and he lost custody of his kids because of the allegations. On top of all the other BS, this woman didn’t serve a day in jail because she lied under oath. He showed up on my doorstep in tears asking for some revenge. So I stepped in.
About a week after I did the curse this woman decided one day to take (according to her friends) a very uncharacteristic walk through the park. She was in a rather remote area of the park (it is quite large) when she was attacked by a homeless man, beaten, raped and left for dead. She laid in that part of the park for about two hours bleeding. When she was found by a woman going for a jog. She was rushed to the hospital and spent two weeks in there for recovery. About a week after she got out, She returned to work for the first time, that night she worked the closing shift and was walking to her car in the parking lot at night. When a pack of wild dogs attacked her and killed her. There has never been a pack of wild dogs reported in that area.
This IS the wildest experience I have had with a spirit. I’m relatively un-phasable when it comes to horrible things happening in response to my rituals. I usually get exactly what I intended. But this time I gave Hecate license to decide how the curse would manifest. This honestly dropped my jaw at its complete and utter brutality. I have seen and done a lot… but the way this curse manifested honestly terrified me. I guess Hecate didn’t like false witness either. DON"T UNDERESTIMATE HACATE!

@CharlieP7 Not sure if this is what you wanted, or if you had something less graphic in mind. But this was something huge, that I felt might be worth mentioning.


:joy::joy::joy: I wasnt expecting that lmaoo but nice mate (im guessing you’re a guy since you called her a lesbian chick)

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I also wasnt expecting that :kissing::eyes:

Maybe not massive but I asked Santa Muerte to banish someone who was being a nuisance around a shop I worked in and other places I frequented. Did a 12 day ritual and afterwards did not see this person for 3 - 4 months. I took this as great proof that this type of ritual can work. Eventually they turned up again but took this to mean I needed to reaffirm the ritual


Made someone obsessed with me for 3 years, that’s pretty big


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Currently nothing, the most I’ve done with entities is send them to people and have them describe them but the reason I did so was more for confirmation on something else. I honestly never asked an entity for anything big or something I couldn’t do myself yet.


It is debatable whether or not I could’ve done this myself but Azrael really helped me to put an end to my suicide attempts. It may not be a turning water into wine scenario for some but it was a game changer for me.


I felt that


Yeah im a guy lol

Wow. That’s incredible. Have you worked with Hecate a lot?

@anon48079295, @anon37593562, @Plastichero333

Otherion’s post is a great (and extreme) example of when justice and revenge can overlap.

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Not going to lie, I don’t really care about justice and revenge overlapping since that’s what I said is a grey area in reality and not a black and white.

Well, I think that’s AMAZING, mate. Glad you’re feeling better now.


Isn’t justice and revenge in another thread? lol .

my teacher hypnotized a person to be blind for a week. Just so he can understand a family member. He also did the same with a person to think he’s female as to understand female psyche. So anything is possible regarding beliefs. Beliefs are powerful.

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Yeah. I tagged you three since this is a very interesting example relevant to the other topic. Actually, I probably should have linked this post in the other thread. :man_facepalming:t4:

That’s interesting indeed. I’d love to hear more about that. Was your teacher a hypnotist or magician or both?

That’s impressive. Did you talk about this in another thread? I’d like to hear more about that.

I’ll have to check out your channel. I’m a big Santa Muerte fan, so maybe there will be some crossovers.

If I do, I promise no comic book or video game references, nor will I try to get my “duck into Lilith” any time soon, though she is pretty sweet to talk to. :wink:

he’s an acupuncturist and hypnotherapist. He’s into holistic healing like me. Great mentor. People who’s into serious healing service are pretty grounded as we cultivate and work on ourselves in complete mind/body/spirit. He’s a researcher and like to push the boundaries of mental possibilities. He’s not into occult or anything. The purpose was to help the client’s wishes. In a way serious hypnotist are magicians as it’s like being a mind doctor. Only serious one though. I see lots use hypnosis for one’s pleasure and power trip. Like me we use it to heal and therapy not for stage show or power trip of control over others…

One of the most powerful usage in hypnosis is IDENTITY. We can be hypnotized to influence our behaviors by way of identity. such are addicts of any kind. when someone label themselves as smoker, it may control them cuz of the label identity. That’s why i don’t like labels if you’ve read my post in other threads. It’s very powerful that it influence a person’s behavior.