Best demons for banishing

Could you please tell me who are the best demons to work with for banishing negative energy and obstacles?



At least that’s who came to mind

Timely and relevant, probably that’s why I listened to a video invocation of him last night. Love love love his energy.

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Lucifuge helps me banish.


Mostly any higher up spirits can banish for you.

That aside, Moloch, the twin ruler of Thaumiel, is known for his protectiveness and ability to banish everything.


You can use banishing mantra form the book “Evoking eternity” by E.A. Koetting, it cleanes the ritual space of all emergies.


Hi can u plz share that mantra Thanks

Do you mean the lesser banishing ritual?

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Ashtu malku ta dat arkata Sastus seckz altamu partu
Iretempal krez ta felta Vaskalla regent met senturus
Ta sastrus estos melta Kelta, kelta, ketla hine."


demon murmus has the ability to remove all parasites and negative energies from the environment. in addition Prince Orobas and Marquis Marchosias are also a very good alternative.


Yes @caringang you’re quite right.

Duke Murmur can destroy astral parasites and guide the spirits of dead people to the otherworld if they were stuck.

Prince Orobas never allows a magician to be tempted or tested by lesser spirits in his presence. If you’re pacted to him this protection extends to you all the time I’d like to add.

Marquis Marchosias is a great warrior and a wise counselor and can definitely keep away tricksters and imposters and parasites.

I do a demonic banishing ritual based on the LBRP. The spirits invoked are amaymon, Azazel, abbadon and belial.

At first it was awkward to get used to. I’d done the traditional LBRP for 21 years. But I did get used to it and I can say the infernal energies are just as skilled at clearing and psychically sanitizing an area as the angel are.