Belial Sigil

Always assume the spirit is there, even if you cannot see or hear him.


Should I make an offer ?

Surely. Blood offering is a good choice


How do I do that to belial? Ive already asked for his help, givning him a quest. I could contact him again givning him a blood offer to show him how serious I am.

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“BELIAL” is the best entity to work with. He is so easy and humble and to work with. I am a beginner and have never contacted any entities till today. I was drawn to “BELIAL” from many days and I started researching about this entity.

Tonight, I drew HIS sigil and light 2 black candles and some incense. Played HIS Enn “Lirach tasa vefa welhc Belial” and chanted while it was playing in the background. Started gazing at HIS sigil and in no time, the lines on the sigil started becoming blurred. The candle flame was just calm until I requested “BELIAL, Please give me a sign that YOU are here”. The flame on the right hand side candle flickered like about 5 times. This was it. For every question and request that I made to “BELIAL”, the candle flame started flickering. When I requested for “HIS” help, the flame flickered. For every question I asked “BELIAL” where the answer was yes, the flame flickered. When I kept quiet for a while, the flame just stopped flickering. The best thing is that, there was a pause of about 3 seconds before receiving the sign as yes. I encourage everyone who is scared to work with “BELIAL”, please be yourself and treat “HIM” with respect and get emotional while talking to “HIM”, you will see that “HE” is most humble and caring. There was such a sense of calm and peace when I was speaking to “HIM”. I have never contacted anyone before in my entire life and my first contact is “BELIAL” and “HE” was there in no time when I called “HIM”.

A piece of advise to all, have strong faith in “BELIAL” and “HE” will talk to you. “HE” has taken 2 weeks time to solve my issue and “HE” did ask me for a specific offering from the list I gave to “HIM”. I asked him if I could write about what transpired tonight and “HE” said YES !!! “Hail BELIAL”, the most powerful and most humble.

I just wanted to say “Thank you BELIAL” for your help today. “BELIAL” is the best.

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Can you pm me??
I have a few questions to ask you about Belial.
I also wanted to tell you some experience’s I had with him.