Beards and hair growth

I like to ask something ridiculous on forum for the first time. It’s now 24 years old but I am still growing fuckin’ scattered beards and as well as my facial hair don’t grow faster. I need to be real nigga with full beard growth and long hair like the game, drake and Bryson tiller. That’s my dream lifestyle. So please which spirit can do this shit for me because I hear demons can shape shift. So which demon can be perfect for this purpose as well any best recommended oils. Talk to me, I love you all, and thanks in advance.


I thought this was going to be a thread where people would post pictures of their goaties :wink:


Hair is a genetic thing, and some people are not designed for thick facial hair.

i don’t think a “shapeshifting” spirit will be able to help you, but you can try Marbas.

You could also try Omana, a spirit from Franz Bardon’s book The Practice of Magical Evocation, who is said to be able to promote hair growth.

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This isnt very relevant but i wanted to share google’s spying ass :joy:

My advice tho. Gnc mens full health supplements helps with hair growth. Take a mens health supplement, petition a spirit to help improve your appearance, then put in the effort. Having a physical component in addition to your petition gives the spirit something to influence to help you realize that goal.

But if you just ask a spirit to grow your beard, thats unlikely to happen. Theyd probably guide you to the supplements and beard oil.


point taken. Darkest knight in all this members on forum I give you high respect and Charles9. You’re articles really inspires me a lot and it has made me to understand how magick works. Bang up guys. I try and contact those spirits and see what happens, however my astral senses are not opened up.

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IMO, I was doing some research just a moment from now. And I have amla oil to be really very great

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I agree. But first of all, I think we should change bad habits, maintain a regular lifestyle, eat well and sleep well. Proper physical exercise is also necessary. On this basis, it is more effective to use various care products.

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As @DarkestKnight said, it’s all genetics.
You can take meds, but they generally have side effects that you’re really not going to find worthwhile.
Otherwise, if you’re dead set on a supplement, take biotin and zinc.

Upping your androgens will do a lot for you, though over time this can (and likely will) lead to male pattern baldness.

A quick and somewhat risky shortcut is just run a cycle of trenbolone acetate and enjoy every bit of it. (Do extensive homework on this if you consider it …please)

Women with facial hair? Usually from overproduction of Testosterone, (~40% of that turns into estrogen and it’s never fun for them having even more than needed)

This is one of those “approach it in the material world” ones. It’s possible but it’s fringe

I remember reading about that, thank you for reminding me

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Viking Revolution and RANGER are one of the popular beard oils. Many people, including myself, are very careful about their fragrance free beard oils. From my experience, jojoba oil, argan oil, and chamomile oil are effective at tame loose beards and itching skin. Some people also recommend olive oil and coconut oil. If you have essential oils, you can make them yourself.

Just keep shaving. Now, I have a few spots on the underside of my chin (would be left and right of a goatee. Usually these two thumbspots don’t grow any hair but the rest of my face… god! If I go a week without shaving I’m pretty covered. Two weeks and lordy… more than that and its beards gone wild. I used to keep up either a full mega hobo beard or a goatee and stache (tried handlebar or foo-man-chu but meh… maintenance). You’re 24 so chances are it’ll get thicker (I wasn’t a heavy beardo at that age… I don’t think unless I didn’t shave for a few months to a year.

So, an option is just don’t ever shave but generally you have to shave a bit to encourage more growth. And yeah, you look older with full beard and long shaggy hobo hair. I kept getting confused for being older than my Dad who is 20+ years my senior. Eh…

Here’s me ages ago… maybe 13 years ago I can’t recall. My hair is whiter now. I don’t have that room anymore and just a cot somewhere and a lot less belongings. Meh…

I think that was one of my shorter beards. Ah… I miss that cap and the dark hair.

Not sure about beards, but I wash my hair in nettle tea. I think nettle is so popular with hair health & growth because of the silica in it. Maybe adding some silica supplements to your mornings will help!

Thank you.

Sea kelp supplements.

Use sublimnals

eh? like…

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