Be careful of "Mentors" here on BALG

This is just advice to newcomers and even those who have been on this community forum for a while now. When someone posts “I am willing to mentor you for x amount of money…”, make sure you get your moneys worth. Don’t pay months in advance or total amount for the whole year. Its not worth it. You will not be given the right amount of attention and their priorities are elsewhere after collecting the $$, or something always comes up. Out of respect I will not name the “mentors.” I should not have invested x amount and I have to live with it. Money doesnt come easy and there are people here who will promise and fail after collecting.

noun - Mentor

  1. an experienced and trusted adviser.
    No. Unfortunately did not happen.

I have been to EA himself twice. Yes he is expensive. But he delivers and does not scam. Don’t be blindsided or dumb by people here though…they may know their magick and may be very highly skilled but when it comes to TRUST…goodluck.

Go straight to Rituals for Hire under EA and his people. At least you know you are and will be taken care of 100% with no setbacks.

Love to u all =)


If they are doing this they are breaking forum rules and if they’re willing to do that, how honest can they be?

If anyone spots a post of this nature, flag it immediately: I check posts and run sweeps, and so do a great many others, but if you see one first, flag it.

BALG authors and associates are the exception to this, as someone has pointed out, so bear this in mind before, like, flagging @E.A or @C.Kendall, etc… :wink:


No member who does not work for/has written something for BALG should be charging anyone without redirecting them to a separate business entirely. It breaks rules here on the forum, seeing as this is connected to an actual business as @Lady_Eva pointed out


I think it could happen in DM in terms of seeking the help but I feel as though it might be more through things like discord and such. Then again I use to mentor for free because I don’t care for charging people information they should always question no matter the mentor. Though I don’t mentor here or anywhere anymore lol. Though while yeah it’s against forum rules I don’t think that determines their overall honesty. They just might not want to have to deal with going through BALG and any other middle man since it’s probably strings attached.


It’s saying, “I am on here and going to sneak around.” People can offer free readings and have that they mentor listed on their Profile, people can put any amount of commercial stuff on that, so anyone who feels their posts and other input are of high quality will see the advert, and be free to contact them for more.

It’s people covertly sneaking round PM-ing that means they know the rules, and are taking a crap on them. That will also result in a ban when discovered, btw. :man_shrugging:

This is BALG’s forum they pay for, though, and it’s not cheap to run a forum with this many millions of pageviews a month, it’s not some community-led effort…


Simply stating judging their entire honesty over that seems a stretch. Not saying anything besides that. I’m sure there’s some on here that teach in DMs but I am also stating their probable reasons. Of course there’s also some that might be taking that teaching off site


Sure, but teaching in PMs is fine, hustling for customers isn’t, there’s no wiggle room on that per forum rules. :man_shrugging:

If anyone is using this forum to fish for contacts they are openly stating they’re disrespecting the community and the rules, I find that points to questionable ethics when many others are quite okay with simply having their info in their profile but not trying to aggressively spam others.