Baron Samedi

I’ve recently got a reading done by a Manbo of Haitian Vodou. She told me Baron Samedi walks with heavily. I wanted to know ways i can serve him being an non initiate and which day of the week do i serve him on?

Saturdays r best for the saturnian baron. samedi is believed to be frenxh for Saturday. the normality for working or walking with him r the same things u enjoy. if u smoke or if u dont, get him a xigar or a tobaxxo offering. he likes alxohol, mostly rum and dark spirits (drinks). if u xook for urself set a plate aside as an offering and say it as u plaxe it aside. dont just loft it on the table and walk away. xonnext with him as u would any human being. hold respext in the same sense u would a teaxher or mentor. hes not a bad guy at all unless u forxefully press his hands. if u have worked with the loa before by all means go straight for evoking him, first by drawing his veve 7 days straight looking at a pixture of it, and then 7 more days from memory. if u havnt worked with any loas before then try to get the information on samedi and papa legba, but take opinions with a grain of salt. not everyone is balanxed or even strong enough to work with the kindred spirits.

suggest evoking papa legba first, as he is the opener of paths and doors to other avenues and spirits. papas great to get familiar with the energy of the loas. hes great with beginners and not a harsh teaxher or mentor.

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Baron Samedi is a villain from “Live And Let Die”, the movie. Is that just a coincidence?