i met this girl who has a grandpa who always loved the family but now he’s married to a woman who manipulates him and now he’s attacking the family even physically
i wanted to help, i want this woman out of their lives (i don’t want to hurt her or give her what she deserves, i think the life will do it to her already)
any thoughts?

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You could use spells or curses but I don’t know much since I haven’t tried any (successful) curses yet since I don’t use that type of magic much.

I suggest you talking to a spirit about that. Any spirit that you are close in order to punish her. For example, King Paimon punishes REALLY hard those who do me wrong or annoy me or even hurt me.

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hm i think its a good idea, i’ll talk to king paimon later

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Try this if you feel that’s suitable.


i read, it seems very good, do you think its better she do it because is her feelings and my feeling in this is only sympathy and that spell works with the person’s feeling, don’t it?


You can do it if you concentrate strongly, if you both want to do it then go ahead

hm ok thanks

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King Paimon can help manipluate people’s minds without them actually getting hurt.